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$11 mtt itm QJo vs JJ

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  • $11 mtt itm QJo vs JJ

    This hand has sparked a bit of debate
    Please analyze:

    I feel that the preflop 3bet was not such a bad call as the odds were good and it was under 30% of my stack.

    I felt a fold on the flop might of been the right play considering the circumstances 13bb let could make a comeback.

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      I wouldn't change anything in your post-flop play but I would think twice about the preflop decisions. You know how hard it is to fold the top pair.

      Now, are we in the money yet? If yes, and if we really want to play that hand, I would raise it to 3BB. Then if the big stack reraises, you could still consider folding it. But I also might just want to wait for a better starting hand and a chance to double-up given that you've got the shortest stack of the table.


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        You should have either open-folded preflop or folded on the flop.
        Preflop it's not bad to min-raise and call due to pot odds, implied odds, so I won't argue much about it.
        But on the flop he can only have you dominated, unless he has AQss AKss.
        I don't think he is ever bluffing so I would prefer a fold.


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          Hi AJ2007

          With just an 18 big blind stack it's going to be best for us to fold the QJo, especially as the three players behind us are all big stacks.

          There is an argument to be made for raising with the intention of folding if we get 3bet which I think is ok if we have tight players behind us but in this spot with 3 big stacks to our left I don't think that would be a wise idea because the big stacks are more likely to tango with us than small or average stacked players would be.

          So the button 3bets us and the big blind cold calls! Scary stuff!
          We have to fold, we can in no way whatsoever continue with our hand and expect it to be profitable.
          Calling here is a gigantic leak regardless of the immediate pot odds we are getting and the reason for this is because once we call the 3bet there will be more money in the middle than what's in our stack which of course will create some tricky post flop situations for us. If we manage to catch any piece of the flop we are probably going to get stubborn and decide to go with the hand purely because we will feel 'priced in' to the pot because there is so much money in the middle.

          Our opponent is repping a strong hand, he is repping a hand that has QJ in bad shape so unless he's bluffing we really shouldn't ever be calling the 3bet out of position regardless if we have 100 big blinds or 10 big blinds.

          As played we have to go with our hand. We have less than a pot sized bet left and villain could be c betting hands that he's missed with. Villains pot size bet is scary but you've already committed a great chunk of your stack and if you're going to call a 3bet with a hand like QJ.... you gotta be prepared to go with it once you hit what you perceive to be a gin flop.

          Calling 3bets out of position in one of the biggest leaks you can have in your game and calling 3bets out of position with less than 20 big blinds is just asking for trouble. You are cruising for a bruising! Tighten up. Tournament poker is largely about playing your stack size and your stack size here doesn't allow you to play QJ the way you did.

          Cheers, Chris.
          Last edited by ChewMe1; Thu Aug 08, 2013, 12:13 AM.


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            I'm going to open-fold here too.

            However, if for some reason I saw the flop, I'm open-shoving the flop 100% of the time here. That's about the best flop a player can hope for with QJ. If I'm going to check TP on a flop like this, I shouldn't be in the hand to begin with.

            John (JWK24)

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              Originally posted by ChewMe1 View Post
              Tournament poker is largely about playing your stack size and your stack size here doesn't allow you to play QJ the way you did.
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