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Turned an A.....

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  • Turned an A.....

    It was now 3handed. The villian was playing a couple of hands a little strange so this raise on the turn threw me off greatly, I tanked for a minute into my time bank and folded, was this the correct thing to do? The raise just didn't make sense. Of course he could have turned a flush draw but he is never raising here unless he has me beat right?
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    First cbet flop, or bet bigger on the turn.
    As played I guess he either has Ax, 6x, or a complete bluff, so I might be tempted to call and reevaluate on the river.


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      P2 is too short to play on a stack with P3, as for me it's good fold. I think there's some slow play , it doesn't look as bluff, but your bet might provoke his bluff, it looks weak 7000 in to 20000.I don't call there, he would bet OTR with hole of his hand range and fold OTR after calling OTT isn't an option for me in this game.


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        Given how you played the other hands at this table the small bet, split your range to a bluff or big ace which you were looking for a raise. What. Would you have done if Villain just click back with a minimum raise (his first thought I'm sure)

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          I do agree with a C-Bet but he wasn't giving me much credit so decided to delay it until the turn.
          I may have been tempted to call if clicked back but again I still would have been scratching my head....

          The 7K bet made it pretty obvious I had a decent A or complete air, I had been raising closer to 2/3 pot for a long time but decided to make a small turn bet and bigger river bet but we obviously didn't get to the river.

          It turned out Villian did indeed have the J6s


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            Hi flu,

            He could be bluffing of course, but if he is this is a pretty terrible bet sizing to bluff with. So he's probably got it absent any read that he's wild or out of control or doesn't really know what he's doing.

            I think a better line is to c-bet the flop here, unless you are planning to call turn and river to bluff catch him after checking the flop back. But this turns your hand fairly face up unless you're also taking this line with Qx. So c-bet flop, check back this turn (since we probably can't get called by worse now) and call/bet river imo.
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              Makes sense. Ty for the evaluation, As already said he wasn't giving my flop bets much credit.



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