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Nut flush draw

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  • Nut flush draw

    Hey, Was my call pos or neg value? 9-man STT 1,5$, Hyper-Turbo

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    You need to put 409 to gain 1419.
    So you need 34% equity to be profitable.
    Versus worst case scenario where someone has a set, or a made flush your call is negative value (you have 29% equity).
    But since it's a hyper turbo and people go all in here with top pair, two pair, your call becomes positive value since you have likely 34% or more equity versus those hands (depending on how bad villains are).
    I would prefer a fold pre and without a read on villains I am folding flop.
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      Hi, I agree with @GamblingProp, versus the villains known range and we do indeed have 34% equity on the flop (34.55% to be precise), we are getting a solid price sitting on a 14bb stack depth to call the two all ins, but we need some basis for making the call. Did you have any specific reads on any of the villains involved in the pot? Food for thought. In cash games, reg speed or turbo sit n go's where the stack depths are generally much bigger, a limping range is usually perceived as a weak range. But in 9max hyper turbos that is not always the case, sitting on such short stack depths (10bb to 25bb) coupled with a fast structure we want to get action with our strong/premiums AQs+ TT JJ QQ KK AA and in some cases villains will limp in with these hands as a trap as opposed to opening for the standard bb or jamming all in pre-flop, especially if the villains behind them are jam over limp happy (general population tendency). When there are antes in play and multiple limpers, we can be certain that the stack to pot ratio to get stacks in will be set up on either the turn or river, so limping in with premiums can be correct in some scenarios but certainly not the standard and advocated. I would have not over limped on this stack depth (14bb) with two limpers ahead of me and 4 villains left behind to act, this hand doesn't play/flop well multi-way and doesn't flop good. We have 14bb effective to sit back and pick a better spot. ATo+ are the aces I'd playing in this spot. Different scenario, room could be argued for jamming this hand all in pre-flop if the action was folded around to you on the button, blind vs. blind or if the button was opening 50%+ of their range we can re-steal and most likely win the pot uncontested or get called extremely wide, this would be the only time I'd consider playing this hand at a full table of 9 players. Hope this helps. Good luck and good decisions, CannonLee
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