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TT on 100k freeroll

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  • TT on 100k freeroll

    Can we do something else besides shoving or calling pre (like min 3bet)? Also is my flop call +EV considering villain is on the loose side? btw I am usually shoving pre but I called here because I was confident both villains had 1 or 2 overcards.
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    Hi GamblingProp! With tens in the BB, I get a limp, then a min-raise. Due to the stack sizes, I cannot call here, as to set mine, I need to have 15X the bet in everyone's hand and I am nowhere near that amount (and neither are my opponents). Due to this, I now have two choices, either to raise or fold. However, a raise would need to be a standard raise (to between 3x the previous bet, 900, and a pot-sized raise, 1245). Anything in this range makes me pot-committed, so that rules out raising and now makes my decision either to shove or fold. The only way that I'd even consider folding here is a satty bubble or if the min-raiser is a total nit that would only min-raise with AA or KK (which should not be the case in a freeroll). This leaves me with one and only one option... to shove! ----- If I saw the flop (which I never would), to call the opp's shove, I need to put 1890 into a pot that will be 5025 (37.6%). I now go to pokerstove and put in my pocket 10's and the flop. This creates an interesting situation, because the looser the opp is, the lower my win % due to having 3 clubs on the board (playing looser brings more Ax, Qx, Jx clubs into their range). Breakeven EV here is at a 22% range for the opp. If the opp is playing tighter than this, then calling is +EV. If the opp is looser, it's a -EV call. The overwhelming best decision that can be made in this hand is to shove preflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks JWK, I agree on shoving preflop that saves us from hard decisions on later streets.


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        No, I think you played it by the book. But it also looks like that was the problem. It was your bb, so having P10, I would have raised x3 the initial raise. That's where it went downhill for you, only managing a draw in the process. I try to follow what Joe Hachem says; don't do scared money.



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