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Interesting hand

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  • Interesting hand

    Hey guys,

    I was bored tonight and watched a high stakes tourney and had the following hand witnessed :
    Blinds : 30/60
    9 ring table
    Preflop action :
    Everybody folds to M2
    M2 raises 2BB (120)
    M3 folds
    CO folds
    Button calls 2BB (120)
    SB raises 8BB (480)
    BB folds
    M2 folds
    Button calls
    Pot : 1140
    Flop : 3s2s4d
    Action : SB raises 16BB > Button calls
    Turn : 2c (board 3s2s4d2c)
    Action : SB Shoves remaining 21BB (1300) > Button calls (leaving a stack of 3 BB behind)
    River : 5d (Board : 3s2s4d2c5d)
    Showdown :
    SB : AhJc
    Button : 8h8d
    SB makes the straight.

    It is very interesting as one of them is a gold star and one a pokerstars team pro (which is which I won't tell) as I'd like to see people oppinions on this hand.

    Shoim o/
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    Hard to comment on seeing just one hand, but i'm going to assume this hand is played based on reads/history with each other.


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      Hi shoim,

      I agree with EmotiveKiwi, just a single hand out of context is hard to evaluate. Reads on players especially in a hand like this are important.

      This isn't a standard hand by any means but I think both lines are reasonable.

      AJ is an ok hand to squeeze here. Calling with 88 might be a little risky but it does depend on reads I guess.

      CBet on a low flop gets looked up by an over pair.

      Then on a pretty blank turn the aggressor should 2-barrel a reasonable percentage of the time or they will just lose the pot either at showdown or folding to a bet by the button.

      The overpair may know the situation the aggressor is in and feel 88 catches enough bluffs.

      Reads really are important in this scenario. I think the only questionable thing might be calling the squeeze with 88. But with position, it's probably not too bad.

      All that being said. The same strategy doesn't necessarily translate to microstakes. As players won't have the same ranges and tendencies. People won't 2nd barrel air as often. And the button won't be floating as often.


      Quad Bracelet Winner


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        Thank you Kiwi and Andy. I woke up this morning still thinking on this hand, and your input helped me change my mind about what happened as I focused on the action post-flop last evening, but when I took a look again I think I can understand the actions of the SB and a bit of the reasoning, and spotted a mistake for the Button - that is going back to the pre-flop action when he simply flats that min raise from M2 - I think this action narrowed down the range on him from SB's perpective and that, ofc, based on reads and history. Assuming the Button is a tight passive player, then that flat would give SB enough reasons to agress - is this making sense ?



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