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250/180 jj

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  • 250/180 jj

    Hi, I know my 3bet was too small (no point posting hands I know I played well ) I dont think I was concentrating obv I gave them pot odds 3bet to 300/310 better? btw villain is 32/24 jonny9691

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    Hi Jonny,

    Interesting spot, JJ I always struggle with especially early in a tournament. The main issue with raising more is 75BB doesn't give you much room to maneuver especially if you get a couple of callers, even if you do isolate the raiser a C-Bet puts you close or in a commitment decision.

    I'm probably flatting the JJ here and keeping the loose player's whole range of hands in. With the flop as ugly as it is I'm probably check folding. I'm pretty much a nit, it's what we do


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      Hi Jonny9691

      I will sometimes call and I will sometimes 3bet this spot. We have to give the small blinds raise some respect because it's very unlikely that he will isolate the limper with a garbage hand knowing that he will have the disadvantage of having to play the hand out of position.

      I tend to flat the regs and 3bet the fish.

      Anyway as played I think your 3bet sizing is a little small especially as we have a limper, I'd like to make it somewhere between 240 - 275. ( 3x ) the size of the original raise).

      Betting the flop is a big no no! We have the worst hand here almost always and if we c-bet the flop we are putting in a large chunk of our stack.
      We ought to be looking for a cheap showdown rather than turning our hand into a bluff.

      There are so many hands that have you beat, I think your c-bet is pouring money down the drain!

      I hope this helps. Cheers, Chris.


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        Either check/fold flop or go with it all the way as a semi-bluff by shoving turn.


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          Thanks guys umbup:



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