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100K Privage Freeroll - How can I survive in final table

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  • 100K Privage Freeroll - How can I survive in final table

    I decided play 100K freeroll to replenish my bankroll
    But 100k Freeroll prize structure is focused for final table, espacially 1,2,3rd place

    So.. If I replenish my bankroll I must be survive in final table but surviving for final table is TOO HARD because too fast to rising blind, average 5 hours length tourney and at least 10~15 double ups
    Especially 10~15 Double ups is hardest spot because If we got Bad Beats we'll bust out Even If I have AA vs any hand we have only 85% chance to win in other words we have 15% chance to lose and bust out. So Chance to double up 15 times is less than 10% chance. besides Blind steal is hard too since If I raise to steal blind many players shove All in aganist my raise and I'm fold to shove If I have AJs and call to shove my opponent had AA KK QQ AK AQ.....

    how can I win this tourneys?..
    and How can I survive in final table?

    (P.s I'll posting next topic is blind structures 50/100, 100/200/25 and 300/600/60 << This blind level is too tough to play)

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    Hi omote23!

    That's why larger tourneys are so hard to win and why to use good bankroll management for cash MTT's, a player should have 100 buy-ins in their bankroll.

    Patience in these is an absolute virtue. I do not want to be playing too many hands in them and want to be sure that when I do play hands, I'm making a +EV play.

    With the blind steals, what bets are you making. If your steal bets are not consistent with your other bets, this is a tell and may be why others are continually shoving over them (I wouldn't even want to consider trying to steal early in one of these). To call one of these shoves, I need to have a much better hand than what the opp's range to do this would be (and AJs is nowhere near strong enough, IMO, to do so with). I may call with AK or JJ+, but not with AQ or AJ, as there are way too many hands that could have me dominated.

    The one thing you'll find with this... is IT DEPENDS and without exact chip stacks, reads on the opps, etc.. it's basically impossible to give a solid answer for a given situation. Depending on the table dynamics, what may be correct for one situation, could be totally wrong for another one. You will get much more out of learning from specific situations than a general question.

    John (JWK24)

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      There's a lot of fish.

      [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]


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        Need more in4mation on table. But 9 handed I would play tighter.

        Short handed open up wider 4rm good position and think about the hands u beat against the opponent iF reraised. Reraise the ones who like to steal alot and will Fold to resteal unless your short then just jam over them iF u think you beat what they are raising with and hope not to run into the top oF there hand range.

        ALso i like to make my bets the same minimum bet when im 1st 2 raise
        Last edited by pokerstar671; Sun Oct 06, 2013, 08:10 AM.
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          Also awesome u got 3rd. sooo nice
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