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NLHE -AK - All in on flop

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  • NLHE -AK - All in on flop

    Hi All, My last post was never analysed so I would really like some feedback on this one. Since completing the Poker school classes, my game has become a lot better, however I think I am still having trouble with betting, when and amounts, and calculating outs. I think this may have been my downfall in this hand. Villain is unknown to me, so I don't know how he usually plays. As a side note, I know Pokerstars software has been audited and such but hands like these are really what disheartens me when it comes to online poker. AK, seems to get run down a lot. The last hand I posted was also AK. Please take a look at the replay, and any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

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    Hi Pkrsweety,

    Quite frankly you got the chips in good and got unlucky in this case. However I don't particularly like the line you took. I don't see any reason to get tricky with a hand like AK, I would open for a raise, the standard is generally 3x, so to 60. Limping is generally a bad idea, you don't really want to price in multiple opponents with wide ranges as this will usually not end well. In this case you get a raise and can re-raise but this line is often a sure sign of a monster and most of the time you will lose all action except to other monster hands. Also note the villain bets only to 60 and is out of position, such a small bet in this spot indicates a weak player to me. Now post flop you get pretty much as good as you could ask for and the villain donks out very small. This would indicate he has a piece of the board or perhaps a draw but we're pretty much always good I think so I like your raise. When he clicks it back I'm a little confused but given the signs of him being a weak opponent I would take it as either he doesn't believe us because of the strange line or he genuinely thinks a king is good. At this point just get it all in. The turn and river are really of no consequence to how you played it, just an unlucky run out, these things happen. However the main thing I think you should be looking at is to not get so tricky. Open raise for value and keep it simple, it will make your decisions a lot easier.

    Also apologies for the mix up with your last post. I will bump it and get one of the team to have a look.

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      Hi Pkr,

      Firstly, all serious hand analysis requests should receive a response (I say serious because sometimes we get a bad beat post in the hand analysis forum where the poster doesn't really want or need analysis, they just want to vent... those get moved to the bad beat forum). If you made a post here and it was not responded to, I apologize on behalf of the team it was missed... please click the send PM button at the bottom of my post and send me a link to that post, and I'll have a look and provide an analysis for you.

      In this hand, I prefer to raise directly coming in rather than limp-reraise. We still have a pretty good depth of money here starting with a 60bb stack, limping lets everyone come in behind us cheap and loses value for our hand, while limp-reraising after someone raises us bloats the pot to an awkward size for our stack size when we miss (which is 2/3rds of the time roughly). In this case it leaves us going to the flop with the size of the pot, which is awkward and unclear what to do when we miss and have AK high... a continuation bet is a big % of our stack now, and not betting looks weak and awkward as well.

      As played after he min-bets there's 600 in the pot and we have 960 behind, I would favor a larger raise and simply shoving here is fine... I would expect to get action from big aces which is well within his range having raised pre and called your 3b.

      The raise sizing you chose is giving him a pretty good price to continue, almost 4-1 with implied odds of an additional 2.7-1 for your remaining stack, which means if he happens to have a flush draw he is getting the correct price to continue, but if he's got something like AQ he's certainly not, so the bet sizing isn't a matter of protection but value imo... we are trying to size our bets vs. the villains range of hands, not just draws, but here I think we can and should charge him a bigger price which cuts down his draw value, since he'll probably pay it with his really low equity hands (like AQ) as well.

      The click-back 3b on the flop by villain is a bit disconcerting, but I am never considering folding top 2 pair after this much money has already gone it, so stacking the rest of the way off is perfect.
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