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Sitting out - an exploit ?

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  • Sitting out - an exploit ?

    Hey guys,

    I play cash games usually, but every now and then I play freeroll (satelites or the PSO Open League with the only intent to learn from experience and apply video teachings)

    But i get very frustratred from the 'sit out' option which many players do, which i consider to be an exploit.

    Any thoughts?

    Cheers and regards,
    Shoim o/

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    Hi shoim!

    The more sitters, the merrier. That means free chips to anyone at the table that is not sitting out. MTT's are a game of patience and if players want to freely give their chips away, I'm all for taking every single one I can get my hands on.

    John (JWK24)

    P.S. League games have an entirely different strategy from a cash tourney, so most of that info will not apply to them.

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Thing is (with Open Skill League and Freeroll tourneys) is that they build a stack that they calculate to be enough to survive the bubble and that brings them tickets (they play to say 300k chips in an Astronomer's freeroll and click sit out at 2k-4k blinds) - it's irritating, I got this week on a table with 5 sit outs on Hubble, at those levels, and you play your poker, and so do the other 3, but knowing we play each other and the rest of the donks just ... go ahead.


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        Oh, and on the PSO Open Skill this trend is even more obvious - they donk for all-ins, get to say 8k, sit out and they are 80% (my own estimation) chance they make ITM (points that is)


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          If the top so many get tickets to a tourney (like the astronomers).. that IS what a smart opp will do. Those need to be played like a satellite and the strategy for a satty is... accumulate enough chips to get the ticket.. then never play another hand.

          John (JWK24)

          P.S. In the skill leagues, if they don't double up... the negative points they will get for an early exit will more than account for the times that they get lucky.. so they will lose points over time, which will cost them a large amount of cash in the end of the month leaderboard.

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            Hi shoim,

            Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline!

            Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum
            and post any comments or questions you may have.

            You are invited to join the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club, and information on how to join the club
            may be found HERE.

            Hope to see you there!

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              Thank you JW for your input - sheds a new light on this type of tourneys.
              Also thank you HokyPokyToo for the message and information, I am already a home club member, see you guys there


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                Hehe, I knew there was a point here, look what I found here :

                There are three ways in which a member can earn a ticket each month. The first and most popular way is from your performance in the Open League games. Many players play the open league games very tight and passively and some even make the money at the end of the month. This of course is great and a good achievement but it's an exploitable style of play. PokerSchoolOnline will reward any player who finishes in the TOP 400 of three Open League tournaments in a row during any month with a ticket to the following months 'Big Bang' tournament. Finishing in the Top 400 three times in a row is something that is very achievable and is accomplished by many players every month. However, it will not be achievable by sitting-out the Open League tournaments or by time banking excessively. Only the very skillful players make it to the TOP 400 so play hard and to the best of your ability if you want a ticket into the Big Bang!

                Read more: The Big Bang – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells



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