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Micro Millions #38 $5.50 With what hands should he be callin with here please ?

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  • Micro Millions #38 $5.50 With what hands should he be callin with here please ?

    Hi there i really would like to know when I shoved allin here with what hands he should be calling with please? Notdone this in a long time so if i miss out any vital info please just ask as i have it Im far from the money in about 2200th with only 1150 ish gettin paid hes VP:17 PFR:13 AF:Inf. after Hands:46 he steals a lot 50% and fold sto 3bets 67% I was playing VP:18 PFR:7 AF:8.0 afetr Hands:120 he had 3 stars I thought i had a lot of FE with 15bb he also continuation bets every time
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    Last edited by rolo834; Mon Jul 22, 2013, 04:21 PM. Reason: he was from Bulgaria soooooooted

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    Hi Rolo,

    Looks like a great shove spot. Loads of money in the middle already. Tons of fold equity and a good hand to boot.

    The villain only has you covered by 2-3k chips so it's effectively for their tournament to call you. I would say they would want close to 50% equity to continue.

    If we estimate your 3bet shoving range at about 5% (that's TT+, AQ+) Then he should call with AK or QQ+. JJ would be marginal. If he thought you were shoving 99 also or any AJs then JJ would be a call.

    What did he call with in the end?


    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      Hi Andy ty

      I did forget to mention I had been tighter at thi s table i think but i had been attemtping to steal th eblinds a bit as i knew/thought others were

      And when I played in a high buyin b4 $5 is high fo rme btw lol...i blinded off

      I was very surprised he snap called an allin for histournament life with AK soooooooooooooooted hearts i think i remember correctly

      So based on this if he knew I had his call correct ?

      I htinka lot of my thoughts are the sam e as yours such as good spot to shove so thansk fo r pointing that out an d reconfirming

      family visiting and one had 4 severe nose bleeds so took him to hospital didnt get home till 5:15am blood all over bathroom/car etc wasnt pretty but hes ok which is the main thing

      I think/guess your 5% is also spot on ish

      flop came T45 then 3 so he needed a 2 A or K on river and river was Ace

      As it my highest ever buyin I had played wellithought quite well...patiently andgot my money in ahead so was a bit peeved/aggrived for 10 minutes when he called to flip for his tournament life as the way Ihad bene playin on this given day no way wa sI doing this with AQo or AQs so he was 50% at best

      So i busted i watche dhim and later a guy a big stack UTG raised another guy reriased and someone pushed allinhe called with KK

      big inital raiser called 2 allin with AKo

      one guy turned over 99 and turned quads so byhimptting his tournament lifeat risk with me an dthen in this spot he busted
      Last edited by rolo834; Tue Jul 23, 2013, 09:02 PM. Reason: sorr bout ba dtypos in a rush plus didnt get much sleep


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        Hi rolo834!

        To call, the opp needs 39.8% equity against you and AKo has 43.1%.. so it IS a +EV call for the opp if they know you have JJ.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Hi John thanks you and JD heped me a long tiem ago i worked out some numbers an d so glad u typed yours up as im doin it correctly i think....he had AKsooted in hearts but it fine ....i guess from his perspective its hard laydown as ive found myself not laying down QQ in the past to a lot of action Now I know they never know my exact holdings bt i doubt hes ever ahead here yet i now know cos of the money in th epot already he doesnt need 50% So given all of that if he assume shes flipping at best and I agree its a +EV call but a very thin 1 i his call good ? In a nutshell what im asking is far from th money do you take flips ?...and therefore should I? I put a 3% range in pokerstove and was surprised to find out his call was stil +EV marginal at best If so I got to start gambling much more - see i think of myself as tight yet some may think im reckless On a brighte r note and a s I knew I wa s due some run good I played 9 flip tournament over on sister site Full tilt poker and law of averages says I should win 1 and I was thinking knowing my luck i wouldnt win any but i won 3 for a cool $30 so ty full tilt ...dont think the have a forum so I said it here umbup:


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            Originally posted by rolo834 View Post

            In a nutshell what im asking is far from th money do you take flips ?...and therefore should I?
            Check out my blog that I'll be writing from tonight's live league game (WSOP League Week 2).. it'll answer that one. Taking shots like this is a good example of why it's important to have 100 buy-ins in your bankroll, as I want to be able to make +EV plays when I get them.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              cool thanks John i be sure to check it out providing i can find it...I am bankrolled trust me i never play above my bankroll in fact im overbankrolled asive never moved up hardly..yet
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