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KK (BB) Vs UTG Raise & 3 Bet (BU) - $1.10 MTT 6 max ($2.5K Gtd)

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  • KK (BB) Vs UTG Raise & 3 Bet (BU) - $1.10 MTT 6 max ($2.5K Gtd)

    This is a $1.10 MTT (6 max) game. Level VIII. Blinds 200/400.

    Hero Stats:
    VPIP 22, PR 11, 3B, 4, CB 60
    BB 58, FCB 33 (239)

    Villain 1 (player 3) (UTG) Stats:
    New to the table / No information
    BB 41 (2)

    Villain 2 (player 6) (BU) Stats:
    VPIP 17, PR 6, 3B, 3, CB 68
    BB 29, FCB 33, FPF 3Bet 100 (67)

    Notes on Villain 2:

    [P] 3Bet Not All-In (Eff. Stacks: BB >= 10) with QQ
    [P] Called a non-shove 2Bet from the blinds with TT,Q9s,98s,A5o

    My thoughts:

    I decided KK was ahead of Villain 2 range; but didn't want Villain 1 to get involved in the hand as well so opted to 4 bet shove 'All In'.

    Question: Correct play or was it too aggressive?


    Tony [Prodigy237]
    Last edited by Prodigy237; Mon Jul 22, 2013, 05:57 PM.

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    Nope, nothing wrong with it. Small 4B is pointless since you'll be priced in to call his shove anyway and jamming probably represents a weaker range despite being cold 4B, just a cooler not really anything to discuss. Folding kings to BTN's 3B would be ridiculous imo. Flatting would also be bad as we'll potentially be be OOP vs 2 players, though spr's may make that point moot since we're never folding if we hold an overpair on the flop (i assume).
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      Hi Prodigy237! With KK in the BB, I get a weak min-raise, then a standard 3-bet. With a premium made hand, I'm definitely going to 4-bet here and the key is the sizing of it. My standard raise is to between 3X the previous bet (7200) and a pot-sized bet (6500). With multiple opps, I tend to go to the higher end of this range, so I would normally raise to 7200.. HOWEVER.. this is basically 1/3 of my remaining chips, which pot-commits me and if I'm going to be pot-committed, I'm going to shove. It's unfortunate to run into AA here, but shoving is the play that I'm going to make in this situation as it's the highest +EV play. This is a good example of why players need to have 100 buy-ins in their bankroll for tourneys, as I want to be able to make plays like this. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Hi John [JWK],

        Thank you for your comments / feedback. Good to know I make the right [+EV] play sometimes [... & rest assured it was only my pride / confidence, rather than my BR that took a knock].


        Tony [Prodigy237]



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