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Qq mm $2.20

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  • Qq mm $2.20

    Hi Guys, Could I do anything different here? Chose to go with a standard raise rather than a shove to try and induce a bit of action. Ended up with an ordinary flop for QQ. Possible villain is semi-bluffing a flush draw but can I call? Ended up folding another premium pair Thanks

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    This is one of those spots where equity calculations would be usefull.
    In my opinion just fold, since you are ahead but not much vs flush draws and drawing very thin vs a King.
    You aren't too much pot committed so folding seems optimal, unless you think villain is uber aggressive.


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      You have to put in 15427 to win a total pot of 51504, so you need to have ~30% with your QQ.
      You don't need to put that many draws into his range (and there are plenty he could have) before you can expect to win more than 30% of the time).

      If you are check folding the flop with this hand and this board, then both shoving pre and check calling flop are probably going to win you more money long term I think.

      It would be useful to know something about the button and how often he is calling pre, aggressive on flop etc. I assume you are a long way off the money as that might change best lines?


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        Thanks Guys for the replies. I think we were just in the money at this point, didn't have many hands on the villain. His VPIP/PFR were 20/15, his AF and 3 bet are about the same as mine and I'm close to a nit

        Profess Awe, I didn't check fold the flop, I did make a continuation bet and got re-raised all in. It was a smallish continuation bet, I was hoping it would be enough and leaving room to fold if not


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          Oops sorry I meant bet/fold

          If he is 20/15 that does not suggest he has a huge amount of kings in his calling range pre, although his raise on the flop does suggest strength, still a lot of draws in his range...

          If you are making a small cbet and planning to fold to a raise, I think it would be much better to do that with hands that are clearly behind to the range that villain would raise the flop with.


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            Hey DasherF78

            Yucky spot!!! Firstly, I too like the min raise rather than shoving it in.
            I think bet folding the flop is fine vs tight villains but even then we are still ahead of a small % of their range.

            As much as I hate bet folding such a small stack I think it's the best line to take the majority of the time. However I think that bet calling is ok too if villain isn't very tight. Some villains will shove the flop with hands like 10 9,10 J, A8,A9, and of course flush draws which imo makes our decision fairly easy versus the looser players.

            With no reads on villain I think folding best but it's very close because when we fold we leave ourselves with just a 9 big blind stack so we really have to take into consideration what we think villain is capable of shoving the flop with before we make our decision.

            Cheers, Chris.


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              Thanks Chris, it's a nasty spot but I guess that's poker. Could have been a red 2 on the flop instead of the K and life would have been much easier



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