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$0.50 NL 360 man turbo - AK w 10 big blinds

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  • $0.50 NL 360 man turbo - AK w 10 big blinds

    No stats on opening villain but observed he was 3x his strong hands and limping his weak ones from what I could tell. Decided to flat and call any all in shove pre hoping to entice weaker aces to shove over top. Was going to push most flops.

    I know it's standard to just shove pre, and that might have "saved" us here but thoughts on hand as played?

    Much appreciated.

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    I shove pre flop, 10bb's isn't for post flop. I shove there 88+,AJs. As played , of course I don't fold there
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      Hi folkstix

      Calling here is a very, very big mistake!
      We only flop a pair on the flop 1 in 3 times which will force us to fold to villains c-bets most of the time.
      With just a 10 big blind stack we don't have any room to 'get fancy'.
      We barely have any fold equity as it is so when we do shove we will be looked up with worse more often than not.

      As played shoving flop is fine, if there wasn't a heart draw out there I think checking would be an option but as we have less than a pot sized bet left I think we would get looked up by many under pairs and all Ax hands.

      Get in in preflop! Calling is a huuuuuuge mistake which will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

      Cheers, Chris.


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        Thanks all. I auto-shove this 99.9% of the time. Thought I'd try something different. Stacks were short relative to blinds and based on the dynamic at the table I thought we'd go a different route. We were getting it all in on the flop no matter what.

        Thanks again.



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