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    Anyone recommend any other way to play this hand ?

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    *Moved to analysis forum* Fadyen

    Hello Klewer1988,

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    My personal feeling is you don't need to get so tricky with a monster hand. Over-limping with the AA is a very dangerous play unless you are 100% sure someone behind you will raise but even then the limp raise I think would ring some alarm bells to most players so I'm still not much of a fan of that play. If you are dead set on doing this then I would said when you check raise you need to make it much larger when there are 3 villains in the pot. You are just making the odds far too nice for them to call with a very wide range and 4 ways AA loses some of it's equity. That said however, I prefer coming in for a raise rather then the limp/raise, the standard 3x + 1x for the limper, so to 240. This should thin the field somewhat and give you initiative in the hand. Then when you smash the flop I would c-bet all day long here. You can get called by a lot of worse hands, such as 2 pair +, draws and if someone had the case ace they would come along. When you check you potentially give draws a free card or could end up in a bad spot. Go ahead and bet for value and charge draws to see a card.

    In the end you actually got it in good and just got a little unlucky that the Jack came. But had you played aggressive the likelihood is you would have won a smaller pot with much less risk, which is far preferable to losing a large one.


    Chris (Fadyen)

    Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

    Bracelet Winner


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      You slowplayed yourself to death.

      At every opportunity you had to make a big bet or raise (to price out worse hands), you checked, called, or made a very small raise.
      With AA, you don't want really want to be multiway. You should be raising pre-flop to make it less likely that multiple villains enter the pot, and when you see the flop, you should make a continuation bet. Once the other villain has bet the flop, your all in raise isn't big enough to price him out of chasing the draw.

      In effect, villain didn't make a mistake, because he had the right odds to call with his draw. If you'd opened the pot with a standard raise, he probably wouldn't be in the pot in the first place!

      Beginners have bad beats like this often, and it's because they don't do much to prevent them. My standard advice is:
      * Do not slowplay.
      * Do not get tricky.
      * Bet your hand for value and protection!

      Force villains to make mistakes. Don't let them suck out cheaply!
      Bracelet Winner


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        Hi Klewer1988! Slowplaying big hands is a recipe for disaster. Here's the way that I would have played the hand. Preflop with AA, I get one limper in front of me and I will make a standard raise, which is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. With 1 limper, I will raise to 4BB or 240. There is then a min-raise and 3 calls. With AA, I'm going to re-raise and the key here is the sizing of it. A standard sizing is to between 3X the previous bet (360) and a pot-sized raise (570). Since AA plays much better against less opps, I'm going to pick the top end of this range and raise to 570. I flop top set on a board with many straight draws possible and also a flush draw. When it checks to me, I need to make my standard value bet for this situation, as bets post-flop should be based on the number of opps in the hand, pot size and board texture. With 3 opps in the hand, I need to bet 3/4 pot (1102)... HOWEVER.. I don't have this many chips, so I absolutely need to SHOVE the flop. What happened here is that by betting too small and checking, the opps were getting the right odds to try to outdraw my AA and due to this, stayed in the hand and did outdraw me. When I give the opps a postive play to stay in against me, it's my own fault if I lose the hand. When I have the best hand, I need to make value bets that make the opps have a -EV play (a play where they expect to lose chips to me each and every time they call). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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