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Only draw that hit and i got CR

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  • Only draw that hit and i got CR


    Discipline or too nitty?
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    Did you have any reads or stats on villain?
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      Originally posted by High_Suit10 View Post
      Yeah definitely too nitty, he could easily value raise with any 2pair there.
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        Hi High_Suit10! IMO, where I'd be looking at is the flop... instead of the fold. With 66 in the SB, when I get a limper in front of me, I'm more than happy to call and try to set mine since the stacks are deep enough. I flop bottom set here and I am absolutely NOT checking, I'm going to make a standard value bet here of 2/3 pot (120 chips) since there are two opps in the hand. Checking will get me into trouble in two ways here. First, if the opps check behind, then they get a free card that could possibly beat me (I want them to have to make a -EV play if they want to try to outdraw me). Secondly, if I am able to check/raise then on a board like this, I'm basically turning my cards face-up as the only hand that players like to do this with is a set. I want to keep the opps guessing as to the strength of my hand, which I will do by leading, as they have no clue whether I have a J, two pair, set or two overcards. If I'm the opp and get check/raised on the flop, I'm looking for any card that could scare a set (if the opp would possibly fold and is not a station) and then I'm bombing that street. As played, the only hand that could even remotely make sense for them to try and represent is 9T and I'll take that chance and call here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          I had no reads any the oop and didnt know how they played. I keep going over the hand and i think its close tbh. It didnt help that when he raised the river he sent a smiley face in the chat box.
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