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$7.00 NL Hold'em [Fifty50] I lost in first hand but did I play it good?

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  • $7.00 NL Hold'em [Fifty50] I lost in first hand but did I play it good?

    Dear Fellow Players: I had been loosing to this same player every time in the same way. # Sometimes I have straight and he brings out 4 of a kind after the flop. (I lost 25$) # Sometimes I have 3 of a kind and he makes it straight on the river with real sick cards (I lost 7$ again). I have been frustrated with the way every time everything changes on the "river" Well, I don't know him personally never had a chat but he keeps playing the same table that I play i.e. Fifty50 and everytime I loose to him. How can someone be so lucky. I have lost 50% of my Bankroll to him (About 250$ total) Well, Apology for the frustration. I am an agnostic so I don't believe in luck but (Frustration)It happens, so is life and so is poker but I want to know: Did I overbet the pot? Was all-ins not a good idea? Is poker not for a person like me? Please do advice me. I am a new player. Learned poker a month ago and started playing here. Your hand analysis would certainly help me a lot. Thank You! Stay Rocking! Regards, GJ PSO Blog - My WebSite - Twitter
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    If be honest terrible play. Open limp is too bad no matter what cards you do play. to bad calling such a huge raise no matter what cards you do play, there's no implied odds. If you think you are ahead shove is better no matter what cards you do play. so early in a tourney my shoving range is QQ+. I don't shove there with worst even If I know he's playing 32o.
    And limit is too high for person who plays that way I think.

    "Is poker not for a person like me?"
    If you can't learn , It's not for you
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      Hi GuaravJha

      First of all let me tell you from years worth of experience that poker will test your patience. Sometimes the cards just don't fall your way and it's how we respond to this which will ultimately make us a good or a bad poker player.

      As poker players we all experience a bad run of cards and luck and when both of these aren't on your side then it's going to be quite a task to keep on winning, but remember that this is just variance and it will subside .

      As for the way you played the hand there are some big mistakes but that's fine, it's all part of the learning process.

      So it's been folded to you in late position, this is a common spot where we should be raising our hand to either 2.5 - 3 big blinds (75 - 90). When we just call with 44 there are many flops that won't be in our favour, and we are only going to flop a set of 4's just 12% of the time, and if we do manage to hit our set then it's very likely that nobody else will have something strong enough to pay us off with so for this reason it's much better to raise preflop to either take down the blinds or to increase the size of the pot when we are called.

      Calling preflop is a mistake and so is calling morfar54's monster raise! He's put in over 30% of his stack preflop which will usually indicate a strong hand 'I know that this is not the case here', and considering that we will only flop a set of 4's just 12% of the time then this is a very clear mathematical fold. I wouldn't expect us to get a cheap showdown with our 4's because villain will be c-betting near enough 100% of the time and of course we will need a very specific flop for us to feel good about our hand.

      So we flop the miracle set.... I like the way you played the hand post flop. We certainly don't want to raise as this could potentially scare villain away so calling on the flop is fine, as is calling his shove on the turn.
      Unfortunately villain hit a 4outer (four sixes) which is very unlucky, villain had less than a 10% chance of hitting the gut shot straight draw.

      It's very important to not be results orientated, just because we lost the hand it doesn't mean to say that we didn't play it correctly post flop. If this scenario was to happen again and again we would come out with the most chips.

      I suggest that you sit back and watch some of our training videos in our library, particularly the micro stake SNG/MTT videos'.

      One more thing.... due to your inexperience you definitely shouldn't be playing $7.00 50/50's! These games are crammed full of grinders that will slowly but surely eat away at your money so I strongly suggest that you lower the stakes until your gain more experience!

      Cheers and good luck on your journey! Chris.


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        Hi GuaravJha,

        Dropping down to lower stakes would be a much better and will allow you to learn without incurring heavy losses. The villain's play in the hand is very bizarre and should not be copied. I had a look at his recent tournament online and his last eight tournaments and he has been either the first or second player to bust in all 8. Yes he got lucky against you but don't take it to heart. Plays like that happen, however with a solid game, decision making and the ability to learn from your mistakes you will soon love playing people like him and simply taking their money.


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          Dear Schi-77:

          Thanks for replying. I have finally managed to stop my temptation to play lower poket-pairs pre-flops. You can call it as part of my learing. I was deeply frustrated then but with slow play, I recovered my losses and made good profits.

          Stay Rocking!
          Regards GJ


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            Dear ChewMe1:

            A very many thanks to your hand analysis. I had planed to reply this thread when I apply your views and I started raising in 3x to 4x time of BB in pre-flops, so as to isolate others and protect my hands

            I have wrote a blog on your hand analysis; have a read:

            Thanks you!
            Regards, GJ


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              Dear Guano23:

              A nice suggestion of playing at low stakes. Even I did the same in the starting 20 days, I played 0.02$ buyin tournaments like 200 of them and won 20% of them and finished rank#1 twice & recovered the money. Due to less risk factor involved, I play fifty50 for bankroll building & Freeroll Tourney on mobile phone when I am at office.

              To be true, It was reliving to know that Villain actually suffered losses with that kind of strategy. I wrote a bit of it in details about my change in strategy on my blog. Feel free to check it.

              As a new player, Support from all of you strengthened my patience to go a long way for what we are; Yay! We are Poker

              Thanks for Writing!
              Regards, GJ



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