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73o Bubble of $8.80 6 man SM satellite

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  • 73o Bubble of $8.80 6 man SM satellite

    Following hand took place on the bubble of the Sunday Million satellite. The button limps and, as I have 73o, I decide to just see a free flop. If I had something a little better than this I would usually raise. Flop about as well as can be expected. My line on this hand was bet/bet/bet on flop/turn/river. In group discussion some people were of the opinion that I should have min raised pre to punish the limp. On a 13bb stack I didnt want to commit anything more to the pot with such a poor hand unless I hit the flop big. Question 1 therefore is should I have raised? Question 2, should I have shoved turn, I personally think this would have been better than betting like I did and shoving the rest on the river. I think in game I didnt want to scare him off which I think was stupid. I didnt have the nuts and I possibly allowed him to hit a better two pair. I didnt have any reads on him from the HU portion of the game as this was early on.

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    Hi bhoy! Dave's the expert on these, so I'll leave the official reply to him, but here's what I'd have done.... Preflop, with 37o, I'm more than happy to check and see a free flop. When I see that I flop bottom two pair, I'm going to make a 1/2 pot bet on the flop, the reason being that I want to both get value for my two pair and to protect against a possible flush draw. On the turn, I'm going to make another 1/2 pot value bet. If the opp comes over the top, then I'll need to use a read on them to see if they'd call down light or if they'd only do this with Ax that hits two pair. I also don't want to overbet it, becuase while I do have two pair, it's not the top two pair. If the opp's known to chase, it's really hard not to go broke here. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Hi bhoy,

      We only start the hand with 14bb's so there really isn't all this room to maneuver with making small bets and raises.

      If the villain is aggro I think check-raising the flop is good... an aggro button is very unlikely to limp an ace, so he won't have much on this board texture but will often stab once to try and take it down when checked to. So I would favor check/raise jamming.

      If the villain is passive, then I prefer to lead out directly... passive villains may not have much either, but they won't stab as often with air to try and TID, and they will in fact limp weak aces, so we can get value if he's got one.

      I don't like raising preflop unless this guy limp/folds a lot. The idea of a min-raise pre seems bad to me on this depth of money, we don't have the chips to fool around with. A min-raise and c-bet is a big % of this stack size. If we were both 31bb deep then it would be a reasonable option imo.

      As you can see from above, my advice in this spot is largely dependent on how the villain plays (which I don't know) and the depth of money (which I do know and it's very shallow). In general with a 14bb stack HU and flopping 2 pair, I am always going broke here, the real question is how to best craft the action to maximize our value while protecting our equity vs. airballs that could pick up equity on the turn with a free card.
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        Edit: With no read (how did we get HU though?) I think in general going for a check-raise is ok as most villains won't have an ace much when they limp the button but HU and checked to may stab. If he's got showdown value like 7x then he may bet to protect it thinking he's good, or check it back but call 2 streets on the turn and river.

        As played, shove the turn imo, yes. I would c/r to 750-800 (if not c/r shoving) to set up a better turn shove sizing. If he's just stabbing air, your bet size or a bigger one won't matter, he'll fold to all of them, so make the bigger sizing when he did limp with a weak ace or flop a flush draw.
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          In simplified words: standard bad beat by a random non thinking calling station.
          If you could do anything different that would be raising more on flop.



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