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advice for turbo 360 mans

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  • advice for turbo 360 mans

    so PSOSOP has shown me actually i can play turbos so i figured i would give 360 man 50 c games a try.

    Anyone play these and anyone have any advice for me?

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    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

    13 Time Bracelet Winner

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    I'm playing them in my effort to grind my BR, with some moderate succes. ( refer to my blog/OPR )

    The few pieces of advise i can give you are somewhat generic, and obvious, but her goes anyway :

    1) Be Bankrolled, although those MTTSNGs are filled with < Recreational Players that missed their shot at roulette and bingo, and are trying poker > , the field is big, and payouts are top heavy. Be prepared to HIGH Variance, the money is @ the top 3 spots, and you'll oft end up loosing 30+ buy-ins before winning back 60+ .

    Altough I'm playing with a very aggressive bankroll myself, I'd advice against anything less than 50 buy-ins. Mix in the $ 0.10 360s to find your sweetspot. They play exactly the same.

    2) To counter the variance, be prepared to put in volume .

    3) Don't play to cash, play to win. I'd rather bust 359th , and load up a new one, than be a min-cash-whore.

    4) Be tilt-resistant. Your monster's will be cracked. A lot. Be ready to take those hits.

    5) Play straight-up ABC poker, no fancy bluffing and what-not, they'll call you off with medium pair when you've flopped the stone-cold nuts, use those pots to win chips, don't think you can outplay them with total air. It'll work, sometimes, in the long run it's just not worth the risk.

    ==> Side-note; BEWARE , ABC-Poker also includes being ready to steal blinds when the blinds are getting big, you /have/ to od that to even have a shot at top finishes, and cbetting and whatnot, i'm just sayin, don't go limpin' MP with 62o and try to bluff of your opponents.

    6) There are 2 Stages where a "+EV" players will have an even bigger edge than usual :

    a) Very early when blinds are low , you're looking to double-up / tripple-up / quintuple /... easy, stacking someone with A7o and 93s PF with your Aces.
    Just play your standard game, watch people donating chips to you.

    b) The Bubble : At this stages blinds will usually be huge , and smallstacks will blind themselves off with scary money. Abuse the hell out of this. It's not uncommon to tripple up in this stage while just looking for good spots to shove.

    Other than that, most important is that you enjoy it.

    Optional :

    If you have a HUD, you can easily keep track of how people play, and will be a huge boost to your ROI.

    Beware of regs, those are the tricky ones to play against, they're basically you, playing against you. Don't be afraid to play against them , but keep an eye out for 'em , they usually tend to play a slightly better game than the maniacs.

    You'll quickly get to know who they are with 2 things :

    They're the ones you'll always meet when 90% of the field is weeded out.
    They don't play like maniacs.


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      ty davidfranses,

      some very useful advice that applies to the fpp satalite for micromillions

      Grade b
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

      13 Time Bracelet Winner



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