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Should I have just called the flop?

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  • Should I have just called the flop?

    I was 2nd in Chips when this hand was played. Will this played any differently if it was for real money instead of being for Play Money? Thanks for your review as always.

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    *Moved to analysis forum* Fadyen

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      Calling a 1.5x pot raise with a non-nut straight draw on a very wet flop against two villains is worse than raising and both are worse than folding unless you have a dead on read against both.

      Real money depends on the level. There are fish like these around.


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        You already have built a nice stack and therefore when the villain overbet donks the flop you can easily fold and wait for a better spot. You're not getting the right odds to call and hit your straight.

        Also, this flop smacks the villains' calling range. You could have easily been looking at a chopped pot at best if u were to hit your straight, as opponents could very easily have been holding hands such as 10 9, 89s, J9s.

        Fold to the overbet, there will be much, much better spots to get your money in the middle.


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          Thanks both


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            Hi skrish76,

            Definitely a fold when the donk bet is this big. You just are not getting the right odds to hit your draw. Let alone whether you will win the whole pot if you do hit your straight.

            You definitely shouldn't call, as that price will probably only buy you one card and you will likely be facing a shove on the turn.

            I this spot you really need to think about what the villain has. Lots of J9, T9, 98, 99 I would think, and you have very poor equity against all these hands. Really only 3 outs (Pairing your ace) to win the pot outright.


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              thanks Andy



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