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AKs Re-shove

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  • AKs Re-shove

    Hi please could you give me thoughts on this hand. The villians stats were 83% VPIP & 33% PFR over 6 hands. 415 players left. I glanced at his stats and made the decision to quick but I thought he was weak.
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    Hi zeebo190189! What type of tournament is this from, as my answer can be totally different based on the tourney type. If this is a league game, it's a snap-fold and here's why. The opp in this hand, while loose makes a huge abnormal raise, as a standard raise for this blind level is to 2.5BB (3k). They bet 30k. Players that make bets like this are giving tells as to the strength of their hand and I'd expect them to show up with three hands here, QQ or KK or AA and all of those have me crushed. With an unmade hand, I need to save my chips to last longer in the tourneys in order to accumulate more league points for the end of the month leaderboard. If this is a cash MTT, are we already ITM? If I'm near the bubble and not ITM yet, I'm going to pass here and get ITM before playing a hand against a bigger stack. If I'm already ITM, then this becomes a closer play but from the looks of the stack sizes, I've got a better than average stack and if so, I'd really only want to be all in for this large of a number of BB's with a made hand. If the opp had made a standard raise, then I'd be happy to re-raise, but shoving 78BB on an unmade hand is something that I'm not willing to do. I'll just call behind and see the flop. If I hit the flop, then I can continue in the hand. If I don't hit the flop, then I will muck on the flop and have a very playable stack. The key here are the stack sizes. With a large stack, I don't want to be all-in without a made hand, especially to a larger stack. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks for the quick feedback. It was in the PSO open skill league. I realise it was the wrong play and one I won't be making again I may have been on a high after stacking someone's air hand on the previous table with a set of queens.
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