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All in with KK, beat out by 22

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  • All in with KK, beat out by 22

    When looking at my KK it was apparent that I should raise by 4x according to the chart I had. 4 times was over 1/3 of my stack by a lot, so I went all in and was called by a 22, which then ended with his 22 being part of a full house... Did I do this correctly? Or should I have called to see flop, being that it was a PSO Skill Tournament?

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    im not a hand analyzer but i think u made the right play, for your stack size,and to push out the limpers, just the way the cards fell was bad luck ,i did the same thing live in big gaurantee game but a worse holding than yours AJ flop came AA2 and unfortunatley the other runner had 22, it can be a cruel game when the right decision doesnt hold up but, youve just got to keep makin the right decisions and accept the ones when you get sucked out on ,dont let it tilt you ,better luck next


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      All-in is the only reasonable play here. Taking it down immediately grows your stack by 80%.

      Since you're short big aces could also be in your range, but you'd have to have a maniac image for the deuces or QTo to make a reasonable call.

      Congratulations! You made the best decision, imo. You got your money in as a prohibitive favorite. The rest is out of your control.


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        100% the right play,even in a league game. We can't fold the Kings at this point and we want to try and thin the herd to boot. Shove is absolutely the best play. Just note the range these players called you with here. If they call that light they probably raise/shove even lighter. That's info you want to have at hand. Stay dry up there in Atlantis...err,Calgary. umbup:


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            Hi JaydaVixen! Even with this being a league game, since it's the beginning of the month, I'm going to look at this differently than at the end of the month. IF this was from the end of the month and busting here would cost me cash from the end of the month leaderboard, then, I'm going to flat the raise and only get it in on a favorable flop. If losing cash at the end of the month does not come into play, then since I'm pot-committed, I'm going to shove and hope to lower the number of opps in the hand. If I'm going to take a chance early in one of these games, it's going to be at the beginning of the month with a made premium hand (AA, KK, or maybe QQ), as the point penalties are much less then. As long as losing the hand didn't cost me real cash at the end of the month, I'm going to shove here and hope to win and get a deep run in the tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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