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$3.50 6 max stt

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  • $3.50 6 max stt

    So i been following fifithecats progress in these tourneys and thought i would try them out as i play 6max cash games and accidentally chose the 3.50 instead of 1.50 but i had real good run and got to the final table. I was card dead all game and i basically just ended up making good all in calls to the shorty and stealing the blinds, i didnt see one flop until the final table in 4th place and then this happens. After playing this game though im fairly sure i could crush these, so im gonna run some of those 1.50s for now What do you think of my bet sizing i thought my bet sizing on the turn looked abit bad maybe i should of jammed or bet smaller?
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    although the situation sucks there a few things i don't like about the play... i don't like the min raise(unless this is your standard opening then please ignore this comment) being the short stack i'd want to get as many chips in as possible the button who is deep stacked can call with a wide range from suited connectors small pairs etc... the flop bet i would have bet out closer to 2/3s pot your flop has open end and straight draw possibilites and we wantr to discourage them from drawing... the turn i'm jamming... the half pot bet leaves you with nothing behind and leaves you in that weird spot when/if the Button shoves/reraises... Just my 2 cents PW See you on the tables umbup:


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      Ok cheers yeah i kinda thought my bet sizing on the turn was a mistake when i looked it over but my preflop raise pre was just standard for this game i go between min raise and 2.5 depending on position on the table.


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        Just to make it clear, is this a 12-player tournament with the top 3 players in the bubble? I first thought it was a Single Table Tournament (STT). I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from just one try at these tourneys I hope you're crushing them


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          I played a thew and i busted 4th twice and came 1st in the other the reason i think i should be able to beat them is because the players were pretty bad limping with 57o UTG and folding every flop.I saw a thew regs in each tourney but even they wernt running anyone over.

          My only worry is im not bank rolled to play them so im gonna brush up on my mtt play before i start playing 10 or so more of them.


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            Doing pretty decent in these mtts now just got to the final tables of a $2.50 90 mans and went out with a cooler again its pretty annoying but at least i know my strategy is working. I tryed the 90mans 25c game as well and got to the last 20 odd before someone cracked my kings with pocket 2s lol. So my strategy is working but im having terrible run good with my big hands even at cash games my aces and kings are getting destroyed in big pots i made like $4 with aces dealt like 90 odd times which is part of the reason why i decided to start learning how to play mtts because i just cant earn enough at 2nl when i got no run good and i need to get a bankroll for 5nl and then 10nl hopefully but if i keep beating these mtts like i am i might stop playing cash games altogether were see.



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