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Flopped set, deep in a $2.2 MTT

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  • Flopped set, deep in a $2.2 MTT

    about 100 players left in the big $2.2 , everyone is looking for a massive chiplead to take down the tourney ^.^ Anyway, I'm not sure about my line here : Fresh into the tables, no read on villains. A) Do I actually call this pre-flop with 77 looking to setmine? After all it's an UTG standar raise, and UTG+1 calls. There's a lot of money to be grabbed here (10k into 30k pot, inviting the blinds in...) , but i'm unsure if if should even play this or conserve my chips for a better spot B) Seeing that i suspect a very strong hand from villain, i shove over him, hoping for a snap call with an overpair or a A-high flush draw. However, have I lost value here? Should i have flat-called, hoping for another stab from villain at the turn?

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      Hey davidfrases umbup: Generally with a 20 big blind stack we shouldn't be looking to set mine and with a hand like sevens and we will often get ourselves into some tricky spots on dry flops. Having said that I don't think that this is a terrible spot to set mine purely because villain 6 has put some money into the pot. If villain 6 folded preflop then I would be folding for sure. It's going to cost 10k to win 40k which isn't the odds we need to profitably set mine but it's not far from it, and I think our implied odds are sky high because we will get paid off the majority of the time when we hit our set. So with that being said I think the call preflop is borderline but ok, if our stack was just a couple of big blinds shorter then it's a very easy fold. As played I'm shoving the flop too. There's no need to get fancy, we barely have a pot sized bet left in our stack and I expect to get called a very high percentage of the time by villain 5. Nice hand, Chris.



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