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QQ Against Early Open Shove

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  • QQ Against Early Open Shove

    I've come across this exact scenario twice recently. We've been talking about it a bit on twitter and I thought I'd post it on here for discussion. This is the 2nd hand of a 55c MTT. I have to admit the only reason I folded was because the night before I called with QQ in BB after the SB open shoved within the first 5 or 10 hands of a $3.50 STT. He turned over AKo and found a pair. I feel like an early double up can be really instrumental in developing a deep run so I kind of like calling. We know that the kind of people who shove their whole stack pre-flop when first to enter the pot are probably not very strong players. Microstakes tournaments are full of early all-ins with really mediocre hands. I tried to imagine someone doing this with AA or KK and can't imagine that they would. Most of these kinds of players will limp with that hand or raise a bit bigger than normal - anything but the recommended standard raise - because they want a big pot. So I tend to think QQ is the best hand in this spot almost every time. Thoughts?

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      Hi 85FastLane,

      Yes, I agree completely with everything you've said. You just have to believe in what you are saying and follow through with the call.

      If you knew they had AK then you could think about folding even if you're ahead if you had a big edge on the field since you could possibly find a better spot. But that doesn't take into account the times he has Q2o and is just spazzing or A2s and doesn't know how to play it any better.

      I also don't mind taking these kind of flips early on because you haven't invested any time in the tournament yet so as a pure equity decision it's fine.


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        Hey Fastlane, I will assume you are playing to proper bankroll management here and therefor this is never a fold. NEVER! Stop playing scared. If you say you are afraid of him turning over AK ( even if it is soooooted ) and hitting then you are playing scared.
        This is a $.55 turbo and the players here are 95% plain and simply bad. He has doubled on the first hand and now shoving that big stack again. It doesn't matter what he turns over if you lose you lose. In the long run you will hold and use that double up to make many cashes.

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          I have to agree, especially on a turbo tournament QQ might be the best hand you will get on early stage.
          An early flip when you think that you are ahead is never bad.
          I also think that if an ace or king came on the board instead of a queen, you would consider it a good fold.
          Anyways if you think they never have AA or KK you must call everytime.


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            Thanks for the responses. Like I said the first QQ hand the night before sparked some discussion on twitter and we decided that usually it's recommended to only get it in early with AA and KK so I should've folded, but I think we might've been thinking too conservative. This is indeed within good bankroll management so I'm not worried about busting out. I'm happy to go all-in vs AK and win it most times for a nice early advantage. The real question was whether or not you think this open shove would be a sign of AA or KK which I think Andy agrees it is not.



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