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How do you play a Maniac?

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  • How do you play a Maniac?

    So on Saterday I came across two differant maniacs In the Prem leauge and one of the PSO SOP NLHE games.

    The Player in Prem league had stats of 84/32 (%hands played/ %hands raised), but could fold on the flop although they then started calling all ins / raising all in.

    The Player on the SOP games had stats of 100/100 with every hand being an all in shove.

    I can see two ways to play but not sure which is correct.

    My prefered option is Tighten up and wait for a very good hand to play back.

    but others at the table where playing looser than they normally would as they figured they would be ahead on average.

    Which is the best tourniment stratergy or is there a third option.

    Grade b
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    Originally posted by Grade b View Post

    My prefered option is Tighten up and wait for a very good hand to play back.

    That's what I'm doing... playing looser is lowering yourself to the maniac's game.. and I'm not doing that.

    John (JWK24)

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      In a game theory sense, you'd have a profitable edge by playing slightly tighter than the maniac. e.g. If a villain is playing 50% of hands, you'd win in the long run by playing 49% of hands, since your range is stronger than his on average. The problem with the theory is that you'd need to play an infinite number of hands to exploit this small edge to the maximum. Loosening up would introduce a huge amount of variance into your results in the short run, and a tournament situation is very much finite. You can't afford to loosen up a lot, because you risk busting out of the tourney.
      Indeed, in a freezeout tourney, you're probably better off staying clear of the maniac unless you have a big hand. If other players loosen up, then there's a good chance one or two of of them busts out, meaning you ladder up the leaderboard. It's a good result for you if the maniac stacks a decent player, because you'd rather arrive on the final table and be faced with bad players than good ones.

      I wouldn't necessarily tighten or loosen up from your usual style when there is a maniac on the table. Playing a TAG style, with your VPIP stat somewhere around the average, is the sweet spot where you can exploit loose players (their ranges are weak) and tight players (they fold too often).
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        Originally posted by Grade b View Post
        How do you play a Maniac? 84/32 and 100/100 (%hands played/ %hands raised)
        Adjust your calling range and call down lighter with a pot control line. They will have so much air and worse (example: 2nd pair, 3rd pair etc..) in their range. imo There is going to be so many missed value opportunities by not adjusting. umbup: CannonLee
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