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$2.50 90 man J4o open ended on flop

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  • $2.50 90 man J4o open ended on flop

    My first time doing one of these. 19 players left so avg stack is about 7100. Wish i had stats to give. There was a previous hand where villian#8 shoved JJ pre. So we can probably take JJ+ and maybe AQ+ out of his limping range. So...thoughts? Would love to hear what others think of this situation before I share my thoughts on it and what i did.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Hi AfredR,

    I think a raise would be ok in this spot. Just 50% of pot if you think you have a decent shot taking it down.

    I think also without wanted to erode your already short stack. I also think checking and hoping for a free card is good also. Your straight would be pretty disguised so you could still get value I think.

    Kind of depends on your opponents. Bet vs tight players, check vs loose passive players

    Hope it worked out

    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      Even if you bet there not a lot of overcards will fold so you will have a hard decision on any turn besides the A and 6 (the J could hit your opponents range too), so I would check/fold


      • #4 game I decided to take a more...creative line:
        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
        So yeah, decided, perhaps quite foolishly, that a check/shove would: 1. look super strong. I thought, being in the big blind, having a set or the nut straight would be more credible. 2. If he called with two broadways my draw would still be live. 3. If he called with 77-TT my jack would be live (remember I'm taking JJ+ out of his range because I'm fairly confident he'd shove pre). Definitely a higher variance play. And against the hand he had it's basically a coin flip. I wouldn't call it a bad play...but i wouldn't call it a good one either. Andy, if I bet out like you suggested are we folding to a shove? A fold would still leave us with a big enough stack to still have fold equity against the stacks to our left I think. Also, would shoving on the flop be bad here? That might fold any boadways that are in his range...



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