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hand evaluation

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  • hand evaluation
    how would you play this?
    I didn't have any stats on this guy since it was so early in the tournament but i figured out he was kind of fishy later on....limping 50% of hands, calling all ins with marginal hands and raising marginal hands.
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      I can't imagine what hand might play that way I don't think he's a good player . such a big donk over bet on a turn on a such wet board .a lot of bluff's KQ and maybe KT.I'm thinking about TT but can't understand why strong hand needs to shove there if it is check raise yes but. I think I will be ahead often enough to call his shove. I'm very interested what trainer say


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        Totally weird line, I think most often he shoves with a big draw like flush draws with a pair or with a Q or a 9, I think if he had made a straight, two pair or set he would check there to induce a bet and then shove. So it seems like a big draw rather than a made hand


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          if be very pessimistic I think his hand range looks like KsQs,AsTs,KQo,TT,KTo ( I included KT and TT because T has changed something a lot) and you are still favorite here 53% against 47%, but against hand range KsQs,AsTs,KQo you've got 80% equity and I think this range is more realistic. He shoves first in because he needs fold equity to play hand profitable, if you cbet turn you won't fold to hes shove.


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            i expect him to call one pair alot instead of jamming.


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              Ho artifishy umbup: Yucky spot. I'm going to fold the hand. We must take into consideration that the blinds are only 10/20 which leaves us with more than 50 big blinds when we fold to villains turn bet, this gives us plenty of time to find better spots to accumulate chips rather than making a high variance call. Villains line is gross and I expect him to have some strong draws in his range but there are also a lot of made hands there too. The risk reward ratio isn't great enough for us to make the call, this would be a hero call imo. Well played, Chris.



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