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Some hands of questions 0.25 NL Sng 45 3 handed final tabel

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  • Some hands of questions 0.25 NL Sng 45 3 handed final tabel

    hello I Analysis 3 hands and.. Is it correct Decision? At first hand I had JJ and villain and raised 2282 but villain calls and the flop was 8h 9s 9d. I raise because i got a overpair but villain was call and turn is Ts, I got a OESD and I raise 3600 but he re-reise so I call. As a result, I won the pot but I have some question In this play Is it +ev play? and next hand I have AT and villain has raised. he was tight player since he was very tight during final table. But I cant fold ATs so I call and Flop was 5d Qh 6h I got a four flush and pot size is 6350 villain raises 3200 but i have 12 outs (overcard + four flush) so I call and turn was Qs I check again and villain raises 2400 but I call and river dealt was Ks and he checks I check and lost Is it time to bluff in river?, and Is it call ATs is correct? and.. the last hand I have K5o and I'm first act. I can't play very well in heads up and I have chip underdog, According to Poker strategies If you cant play well in heads up you have to Big bet poker. so I open-shove K5o. Is K5o have good All-in equity? and Is it good shove? P.s Sorry to my english P.s2 Very sorry because I did not observe in topic title (3 handed table but last hand this is heads up) If this article have problem I will delete 3rd hand
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    First of all I don't like bet sizing, so late in a tourney I min raise or my raise is 2.2BBs max. In a first hand your flop bet is too big, 50% is enough and turn bet too small. but I think he raised your turn bet because you bet so small. and I never fold there, calling his shove is fine for me there
    In a second hand I cant see my self calling such a huge raise preflop , I would shove against SB preflop, in a three handed game ATs is a monster for me. but if he's so tight than fold. as played shove the flop with a FD and at least one over card
    and I shove K5 from SB in a HU game with 12BB's and against such a huge big stack his calling range is more wide than k5 and you have got a lot of fold equity to take a pot without any play.
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      Hi omote23,

      For future reference we prefer one hand per thread so it's easier to discuss the hands.

      Hand 1)
      You should try to reduce your raise size as you progress through the tournament. So I would be raising 2. the BB, so probably 1320. I would also bet the flop a little smaller (50-60% of pot), but really depends on the villain if he's loose then bigger is fine. The turn is probably just a shove or a check-call, again depending on your villain, if they are aggressive or bluffy then check-call might be better. As played I wouldn't fold here.

      Hand 2)
      The raise from SB is really quite big. Was this the size villain always raised to? Given the size of his raise and your stack size, 22BB, I think a 3bet shove is good. The problem with calling is it gives us very little room to move post flop. I don't mind calling the flop Cbet. I think you could think about shoving the turn rather than the river when the turn bet looks so weak. I don't like bluffing on the river since if we're called we're beat and busted in 3rd. Bluffing on the turn and getting called we still have outs.

      Hand 3)
      You are definately right about big bet poker heads up. I think your shove is fine. With 12 BBs you could experiment with just some raising and CBetting if your villain is as tight as you say. and then under 10BBs shove away

      Nice finish

      Quad Bracelet Winner



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