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0.50$ Sit&Go tournament 360 : 44 Preflop tough decision,

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  • 0.50$ Sit&Go tournament 360 : 44 Preflop tough decision,

    Would it be a good decision to play this hand in a long run?

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    of course no


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      Small pairs like 44 are tricky to play from UTG at all times. We want to look for optimal spots to play them. To me this is NOT one of those.

      First,the stack sizes. They're so divergent and you have several,villains 1,4,5,7 & 8,who should only be playing their hands as shoves. If villains 1,5 or 7 shove,or any combination of the 3 of them only,then we could make a case for going along in most of those spots. I think we would have a mixed bag on it being + or -EV to do so but probably close in most all circumstances. But if either or both of the other 2 shorter stacks,villains 4 & 8,shoves we're looking at putting a much more significant portion of our stack at risk and really would need to be folding.

      Secondly,where we are in the game. Level 10,the antes have just come out and,again,there's a jumble of different stack sizes out there right now. This is really standard for this stage of these SNG's. And we really don't want to look to be getting involved in spots where we're probably leaking off some chips more often than not (playing smalls pairs from EP being one of these) and instead should be making strong moves with strong hands and mixing in steals at good targets from late position. You can really be selective at this point of these SNG's as you're going to get action with your top hands so often that it's really more profitable to tighten your range up at this stage of the tourney. Again,if steal spots present themselves then by all means try to steal every chip that you can. But from early position I'm really looking to play hands that I can raise with the intention of shoving over top of any re-raises. Hands that I know I'll probably have to fold to pressure I'm not looking to raise at this juncture of the game. And open limping from EP,as you did in the hand in question,is something that really doesn't interest me at any point of the game. Certainly not now.

      There will be so many all-ins at this stage of the game that we really want to be selective for the next few blind levels in where we get our chips in the middle,because it's quite likely to be a multi-way pot. Small pocket pairs from EP doesn't fit that criteria.


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        It might be worthwhile to check out the "I had a pair" video series by TheLangolier. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but I think it was a 5 video series.


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          Hi Sirthesurfer! The key for me here is my stack size. If I did open, I would need to make a standard open, which for me at this blind level is to 2.5BB (500), which is about 12% of my stack and I really don't want to have to fold off this high of a % of my chips if I don't have to. I also have 21BB, which is a bit too large to open-shove, so that is not a good option either as shoving too many chips will only get me value-owned (fold out all worse hands and only get called by better hands). If I had 10-12BB, then I could open shove, but not 21BB. Another thing is that I'm really not deep enough to setmine against a number of these opps, as they don't have 15BB in their stack. Since I have 3 options in the hand and neither raising nor calling (I do not open-limp as that is a huge chip leak), the only option left is to fold and I will muck 44 here. Small pairs from early position are fine to play if deep stacked or short-stacked, but with an awkward stack size like this, especially when many of the opps are short stacked, I'm going to muck. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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