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How not to play a draw?

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  • How not to play a draw?

    PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, 1.5 Tournament, 10/20 Blinds (6 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from MP (t1,690) CO (t1,490) Button (t1,420) SB (t1,320) Hero (BB) (t1,580) UTG (t1,500) Hero's M: 52.67 Preflop: Hero is BB with , 2 folds, CO bets t40, 1 fold, SB calls t30, Hero calls t20 Flop: (t120) , , (3 players) SB checks, Hero checks, CO bets t80, SB calls t80, Hero calls t80 Turn: (t360) (3 players) SB checks, Hero checks, CO bets t220, 1 fold, Hero calls t220 River: (t800) (2 players) Hero checks, CO bets t440, Hero folds Total pot: t800 Results below: CO didn't show This was only the third hand in this SNG, so no reads. I decided to play the draw passively, because people call way too much at the early blind levels and I considered my fault equity to be low. Or should I still check-raise the flop and hope for a free card on the turn? I am also not sure about my river and turn decisions - could top pair have been good? I put him on an overpair. Olaf

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    As played.

    You folded so it doesn't matter about the river card, don't let that cloud your judgement.

    Playing tight passive is OK for early stages, you want to hit big or get out. The real $$$ in a STT are close to the bubble, keep your raises and aggression for that stage.
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      Sorry, read the hand wrong, fold turn
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        Hi Olaf,

        What was the format of the game. Is it a 6max STT? Turbo or Regular?

        I think flat calling on the flop is fine, keeps the pot cheap. Keeps the SB in it. Give you two opponents to potentially pay you off if you hit the flush.

        On the turn it is a fold. The raise is a little big, we miss much more often than we hit, and we're out of position on the river if we hit so hard to maximise value.

        If we fold on the turn we've only invested 120 chips to potentialy win a pretty big pot on if the turn was a spade.

        I think you are right to fold the river. We make top pair but villian has bet 3 times now post flop. Twice into 2 players. And has the option to check smaller pairs behind here. I think your read on an over pair is correct more often than not. If not we should pick up a read on the player after another 10-20 hands and can play the next pot with a bit more information.


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