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Late stages mtt AQ spot

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  • Late stages mtt AQ spot

    Hi guys,
    Playing the 2.70 knockout lat nite and come across this tricky spot which I'm guessing I played bad!
    Late stages less that 100 runners left
    Me UTG +1 7bb 140,000 blinds 10k/20k
    Me raise to 44,000
    MP 1 flatted
    BTN all in for 170,000

    I call, MP1 calls
    Me AQ
    MP 10 10
    BTN A K

    We all have similar stack sizes so I know I should have open shoved but after making the mistake of not doing this I guess folding would be best move after this action.
    What do u guys think??

    Cheers therake1991

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    dont really see how you can fold AQ with 7BBs like you said - i would of probably went all in, which might have made the AK hand fold (depending on the player and how close you were to the money or the next payjump) and then you'd be in a coinflip situation which you have to win every once in a while.

    although from the look of it - after a raise with 7BBs and a call he probably wouldn't have folded the AK, but in alot of cases you would be in front in this type of situation in my opinion and i think it was right to go all in with it.

    i mean if AQ isn't a good enough hand to shove 7BBs with, then what is? 1010+? how often will you get that when your so low on chips?


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      **moved to better fitting forum JWK24**

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Hi therake1991,

        Yes, I would just shove preflop.

        After making the raise, I think you are still commited here. Not particulary happy to call allin. But I don't think you can fold here. Button will have worse than AK plenty of times. You could be up against two pocket pairs in which case you're getting a good price.

        Nice run

        Quad Bracelet Winner


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          Yeh your opinions are the same as mine and I know I should of shoved all in preflop but that was my mistake, guessing if I did and mp1 called btn would of folded and I would of got a flip! I int like to call the all in but I guess I was priced in.
          Better luck next time heh...



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