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Sunday Million - Critical Stage

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  • Sunday Million - Critical Stage

    PINOY_HITMAN finished the tournament in 1314th place. 990 get cash. I know i'm getting good prize here but was not able to play it till the end. Pot more than half my stacks. After reviewing the hand. With 12BB left, shove is the right play to avoid out played by big stacks and make a bad fold. I don't have fold equity but oppo respect my shove. Any advice? PH .
    Last edited by PINOY_HITMAN; Mon Jun 17, 2013, 02:14 AM.

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    I am by no means an expert on tournaments so I could be wrong here, but here's my two cents. I would fold preflop here for a number of reasons:

    1) You do not have fold equity. You are up against an early position open and a call, and both of them have big stacks.
    2) KQ plays bad against Ax hands and you're flipping against pairs. You could also be dominated by AK/AQ which is well within the opener's range.
    3) The million has a slow 15 minute structure, so you're not desperate yet. It's better to be first in the pot and maximize fold equity. In conjunction with that.....
    4) ....Look at the stacks behind you. A short and a middle stack, and the bubble is fast approaching. You could shove a wider range with them behind (without going out of line of course) and chip up that way while you also get more fold equity as you pick up chips.

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      Hi PINOY_HITMAN umbup: Although that you are getting a great price to see a flop with QK you do not have enough chips to justify the call, and you probably know this These are the types of awkward spots we will get ourselves into when we decide to call a raise with less than 20 bb's. Shoving preflop would be better than calling but I don't think we have enough fold equity to get away with that very often at all so I'm going to fold preflop. As played I think that check shoving flop is the best action to take. Calling is just not goooood! I would rather get my chips in and see both a turn and river card rather than check calling flop and check folding our 7 big blind stack on the turn. You seem to be getting some nice runs in the Mill PINOY, keep it up! Chris.


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        Shove or fold preflop, fold without reads. I am happily shoving if the opener is open raising enough, I think we have fold equity and will pick up important chips when they both fold. But I would need a bit of history on the opener.
        If I found myself on the flop then I would be open shoving given the pot-stack size and great flop/not ahead situation.

        I would not call this a critical stage, plenty of time before the bubble. I would be focussing on the right spots to accumulate chips and maintaining a stack with fold equity, generally calling out of the BB with less than 20bb is going to do neither.


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          Thanks Feskprins, Coach Chris, Profess Awe - all points well taken.

          Yes i had a good run @ SM Coach Chris, actually i'm in good run that why i played the KQo and forgot your good advice that we made more money by folding. Still little far from the cash in this stage but i'm not playing to minimum cash and decide to take my chances but it back fire. Guess i push my luck too far.

          Hope i get another SM ticket thru Sat.

          Thanks again everyone and Good Luck at the tables.





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