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Deep in sunday million june 2,2013

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  • Deep in sunday million june 2,2013

    Next Cash level if i'm not mistaken is 99th and for 1.4 or 1.6K. With this deep in tournament 11BB can go some more Cash level. Stealing blinds with QQ by shoving i think is losing value and will called only by the hand that will beat me. Raising 2-2.5X i guess will be the right action and see how opponents react. And any over card at flop will check/call or check/fold depends on how strong oppo action. Feel free to put your thought. Thanks in advance. PH .

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    I disagree with your comments, but not with your action. With 11BB in that tournament you want to double up and with a QQ it's a go. There's no point in slow playing because you have to be happy with the stolen blinds too if no one calls. Personally, I wouldn't have made that call in that spot with a KJ but I would've called with hands like JJ, TT, AQ.

    I also wouldn't raise to 2-3BB because there are a number of hands with which someone could push you all in. Even that KJ might do it.

    Someone else can do the mathematics if they know how many players were left at that point and what the payout structure was etc. I think you played it right and the BB played it wrong but got lucky.


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      The fact that the BB calls with KJo shows the value in shoving QQ there. You would have to have a decent amount of history with the table and be playing like a ROCK to expect not to get calls from enough worse hands by shoving.
      It may be that opening -2.5x looks suspicious and would probably be perceived as a premium hand hoping to get shoved on (which I think is the case) so would accomplish little and would never be something I consider unless I am sure there are bad LAGs who would set us in with hands they would not call a shove with.

      I would whole-heartedly think shoving is the best option here. That said if I was lucky enough to find myself with 100 left in the Milly I would be trying to build a stack to take to final table, not worrying about pay-jumps, I understand that the pay jumps might be very meaningful for you, but hey you would have been able to ladder up a considerable few more pay jumps had the QQ held.


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        Imo shoving is definitely the correct play. You can get called by so many hands you have crushed (like this one) and raising normally off an 11bb stack a) looks extremely fishy and may tip the strength of your hand (especially given your position) and b) might put you in some gross spots since queens aren't exactly the best hand in the world for trapping. Let's say you min raise here (or 2.5x w/e) and bb flats (which is incredibly unlikely but anyway), flop is k high and fairly dry, what's your play? Hope to check it down? C-bet and fold to shove? I think you played it exactly as you should and the result combined with the magnitude of the situation has caused you to second guess yourself. I think the idea that when you shove here you're "called only by the hand that will beat me" is total madness. I don't know exactly what range bb should be calling with since i'm no tourney savant, but 99+ AQo+ seems likely (even this might be a bit nitty depending on your image etc)? Pretty sure you're a decent favourite versus that range. The fact that the guy called you with KJo shows that people are capable of calling with far worse hands than the range i guessed! Finally, grats on your nice run! I'm sure you'll be back there again, keep shoving those QQs! umbup:
        Last edited by AceKingBlows; Wed Jun 12, 2013, 03:41 PM.


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          Thanks everyone for the input. On the actual play, what i was thunking is the 11BB stacks is too shallow to make a post flop play and even it's a 200K stacks it will give you around 8-9 orbit. And shoving give you 2 chance to win, either by a walk or hit my set or vs under pair and Ax+,Kx+ that missed.

          Guess i just get result oriented during my post mortem review of the play.

          Hope i get another good run and go deeper next Sunday Million for a Final Table hunt.

          Good Luck at the tables.



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            Any comments from our PSO Coaches and In house Hand Analysis expert?

            Thanks in advance.



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              Hi PINOY_HITMAN umbup: Shoving is best imo. If we make a standard raise our hand looks very strong, it looks strong because of our small stack size and the position we are opening from and any half decent player should be aware of this. Shoving all in looks a lot weaker than raising and considering that you're deep in the Sunday Million I'd expect the competition at this stage to be good. I think you're underestimating how light you will be called. Imagine the blinds are only 500/100 and you have 1100 chips.... this is the same dealm we still only have 11 big blinds. A lot of players seem to forget that. I think the KJ call is meh but it goes to show how light you will be called. I'd expect hands like 88+ AJ+ to iso shove, perhaps even lighter than that depending on your stats. Nice run! Better luck next time! Chris.


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                Hey Hitman!

                I agree with Chris 100% here.. I'm shoving too.

                John (JWK24)

                6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                  Thanks Coach Chris and Sir John.

                  Good Luck to us in Sunday Million FT hunting.




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