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Grinding Hyper Turbo Satellites: Trying to Establish Shove and Call Ranges

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  • Grinding Hyper Turbo Satellites: Trying to Establish Shove and Call Ranges

    I have been running good at 2PLO recently and was able to grind out a 25 dollar roll from over a 2 week period only playing about an hour a day. I decided i could now venture into some micro buyin sngs and sats and was able to find that the 75 cent 6-max hyper turbo sats into the Big 2.20 were a good start. I have found that a lot of players at this level seemingly play too tight, because they wait for premium hands in a tournament that you only have 10 BBs to start. So far, I have been doing well in these, while trying to come up with good shove and calling all-in ranges for all aspects of the sng. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for their own personal ranges in these types of sngs. My biggest concern so far is how often I should be calling in blind on blind situations with hands like K7 and Q9, etc.

    In general though, these are my shove and call ranges

    UTG AJ+,KQ, 99+
    UTG+1 A9+, KJ+ 77+
    CO A6+, K9+, Q10+, 55+
    BUTTON A2+, K7+ Q8+, J9+, any pair
    SB: 22,A2,K2,Q7,Q2s,J8,J3s,T8,T4s,97,95s,87,84s,76,74s ,64s,53s,43s

    Note: these are about 10BB shove ranges, I will become looser as sng progresses.

    For calling ranges however, I feel like you need to tighten up a lot more depending on where you get shoved on from.

    Call from UTG shove: AQ+, 1010+
    Call from UTG+1 shove: AJ+, 88+
    Call from CO shove: A10+, KJ+, 66+
    Call from BUTTON shove : A7+, K10+, QJ+, 44+
    Call from SB shove: A2+, K8+, Q9+, J10, any pair

    If there is another caller in front, I am only calling with QQ+ and maybe AK.

    Any thoughts on these ranges and moving forward, or just general opinions would be nice.

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    I haven't really played these hyper-turbo satellites (but I just might in the near future so I'm just guessing here.

    The bubble and the payout structure probably make a big difference there. You can have the shortest stack and win the same as the chip leader. That said, I'd play it much tighter. I don't know the blind structure or how many rounds it takes until you're blinded out but I wouldn't call with so many hands at all. How many coin flips do you need to win to make it to the money? Double-up once and then sit tight?

    Once the blinds get big it doesn't really matter which two cards you're holding. Stack size is all that counts near the bubble.


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      heey jw i would shove any pocket pair from all positions and all suited conecterz further i would say everything 1 ligheter and the calling ranges i would be personaly be a litle tighter and you dont have any ranges for bb calls her :P i would say shove lighter and call a litle tighter.
      best of luck
      Triple Bracelet Winner



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