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My Stupid Play!

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  • My Stupid Play!

    Was I playing like a blindly here?
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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      Hi BlackHolden4,

      You didn't do much wrong in this hand. Just unlucky.

      Preflop I think stick with the 3x+1 per limper rule and make it a full 100 to reduce number of callers.

      On the flop again I would bet a little bigger. Maybe 360 or so, then that sets us up a good stack to shove in on the turn.

      None of that matters a great deal though. Just an unlucky hand played perfectly


      Quad Bracelet Winner


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        Your raises pre-flop and on the flop are a little bit smaller than what I would do (I'd standard 3x raise plus 1x for each limper,so 100 instead of your 90 and then with 2 hearts flopping I'm betting 2/3's of the pot on the flop so 313 instead of your 280...) but that's just nit picking really.

        The turn gives us the nut flush draw along with our top 2 pair. I'm just shoving it in here,no sense to leave the 350 chips behind. Had both the opps just called your turn bet what card could ever come on the river that you would fold with 350 chips left behind with the pot at over 3500 chips? Answer:NONE. So just get it in.

        Even with the villain having the QJ here you still had enough outs on the river to have a reasonable expectation of binking this hand and scooping. And that's worst case.

        Villain made a bad play and caught their miracle. You mostly played the hand well and got beat. Such is poker. Make this useful...note the villain and that they're probably married to broadways preflop and will draw to a gutshot straight. That kind of info will be useful if you see them again as this denotes the type of player who will probably prove to be a prime candidate for value betting and more value betting.


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          You played it good, just unlucky there



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