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Should I have gotten away from this hand?

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  • Should I have gotten away from this hand?

    This is early in the tournament, I figured it was a good spot to defend my blind.

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    Just had a flush over flush of my own today, so I feel your pain

    Except in my case, the board was paired, and I had enough HUD stats that I should have known that the villain wasn't making such a big bet with anything worse than a Q high flush (which is what I had).

    Without reads though ... so much tougher a decision, wow :/


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      As it is early in the tournament i'd just fold this to an open. Unless you have reads I don't think it is worth defending 30 chips. If you are going to go with your suited cards then the flush is what you are after and when you hit it I think i'd just go with it.


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        Hi dannyb198888,

        I think EmotiveKiwi is right preflop. We don't have to play this hand. We'd prefer to play our suited connectors in position. But I think if you want to defend this is as good a hand as any.

        Check reraise on the flop is good.

        On the turn, you need to decide what you are going to do vs a 4bet before you make your 3bet. You've check raised and led into them on the turn and they still decide to reraise you.

        Your 3Bet probably can't be called by too much worse, and when you get 4bet you going to be behind a reasonable portion of the time I think.

        This would be a good spot to pot control. Just flat call the reraise on the turn and check call on the river. That allows your opp to bet again on the river with a worse flush or flopped straight or 2 pair.

        Tough spot


        Quad Bracelet Winner


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          I think i would of played the hand too, as its early in the tournament. With a flop like that, open ended and flush draw, i think you played it good. Unlucky that he had a higher flush.


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            you had open ended royal flush draw.


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              Should be worth nothing that nobody reraise turn after getting checkraised on flop as a bluff or semibluff.. atleast not at low stakes levels I think. And the 4 bet shove on the turn pretty much gurantees a flush. The question is whether you havve the odds given 95% chance he is on a flush but lets assume he wouldnt do this with a nut A flush but he might do it with nut A flush draw.. I would say you should call the 4bet with 9 high flush and fold 8high flush and lower.. but need to run this through an equity calculator for a precise answer.

              Edit: of course totally agree with what Ahar said about not 3betting non-all-in and keeping his bluffs in play on the turn. 3betting all in to protect your hand against better flush draws may be an option, but I'm pretty newbie so I don't know.
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