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Heads up PSo SOP 20 Level 5 second hand v's villian

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  • Heads up PSo SOP 20 Level 5 second hand v's villian

    This was after 5.5 hours of the torny so i was a bit tired in general. At the time i thought my play was ok but ... i don't really play a lot of heads up so, with my 88 am i looking to get it all in or after all this action is a fold in order here? Thanks Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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    Hi Grade B, Hand Analysis We are sitting on equal stack depths 100bb! Let's play poker! There are few pre-flop lines we can take. Raising I'd make my 3bet sizing a bit bigger, 3.5x to 4x their opening size ($350 | $400) anything less than this amount will invite extremely loose calls as most BTN/SB ranges are wide with deep stacks, so lets get some value coupled with initiative in the pot. There are a few down sides to this if our 3bet is called: • We will be at a positional disadvantage post flop in an inflated pot. • Most flop/board textures will contain 1 or more over cards. • We'll be forced to either check/call or check/fold (which is not a problem) • Bet all three streets and not know if we are value owning our self. Given that you had specific reads on this villain, I wouldn't see light floats from this villain post flop or light 4bets pre-flop. Maybe the reason the villain popped in that 4bet is because of our $250 sizing, it looks relatively inviting and can be attacked. If our sizing was bigger, they may not 4bet as it would ensure a big enough pot post flop to get stacks in on the turn or river. The villain could easily be doing this with Ax ATo+ and better pocket pairs, I'd strongly lean towards it being ATo+ in which we are in a 50/50 spot OOP. I'd call because of the amount and my fighting spiritlol, but generally we should fold here, for reasons stated above in the bullet points and we do not have the correct odds to set mine. Flat Call By far my favorite line and quite possibly the most optimal line. There is merit to flat calling and try to spike a set which would be gold on these stack depths! • It leaves us room to get away from the hand post flop and save bets. • We will not be playing an inflated pot out of position with a medium pair. • Our hand strength will be disguised if flop equity to a straight or flop a set. Hope this helps. Good luck and good decisions, CannonLee
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      Ty for the review Cannon it does help ,

      It was getting late and I think in future I will flat in this position

      Grade b
      Last edited by Grade b; Sat Jun 08, 2013, 11:28 PM.
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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