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PSO 13: Allin with a set on the river

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  • PSO 13: Allin with a set on the river

    pretty early in the tournament. I have no read on the opponent, except that he slowplayed once before. In this hand I thought he was slowplaying something like AQ as that would make sense for the preflop call. when he checked the river I was positive he would call whatever bet, so I decided to try allin. But was it a good decision?
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    Hi wilcogold! With AJ (or any other hand that I want to play), I will make a standard raise, which for this blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. I do not want to bet more nor less, as standard bets keep the opps guessing as to what my cards are. Players that bet more with better cards or less with marginal hands (like this) are basically turning their cards face-up to an observant opp. I flop 2nd pair in a HU situation, IN position, and the opp checks to me. I will make a standard value bet here of 1/2 pot. Bets post-flop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture and a standard bet for 1 opp is 1/2 pot. I do not want to be betting less than this, as I can be giving the opp the correct odds to try to outdraw me. The same thing on the turn, except now I have trip J. When the opp checks to me, I will make another standard value bet of 1/2 pot (180). The exact same thing on the river. I will make another 1/2 pot bet (340). Shoving too many chips that does not make sense (a non-std bet sizing) will lead to 1 thing and one thing only if the opp is an observant player.. and that is.. I will value-own myself. I will fold out all worse hands and only get called by better. Yes, every once in a while, a lesser opp may call with a worse hand, but a competent opp will never call a bet like this without the nuts. The keys here are standard bet sizes, as they keep the opps guessing as to the strength of my hand. Abnormal sizes like this will turn my cards face-up to an observant opponent, that can then react accordingly. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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