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90man $0.50 Turbo

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  • 90man $0.50 Turbo

    Hello in this hand with one limper I decided to 3x with QQ the button, BB and limper calls now this is so tricky here I have an open ender but 3 spades with no spades myself they check to me, what was the best move here? I usually raise a big pocket pair but I made it 3x cause of that limper.

    So Firstly did I bet too much preflop? And secondly should I have bet more on the flop? I don't know if they would have folded those huge draws. What could I have done different here.

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    Ok, first thing first is PF... I think 3bb raise is too small with your holding (actually doesn't matter what you are holding, if you intend to raise here, make it big), I always raise 3bb+1 for each limper, I even starting to adopt 4bb+1 when playing from early-middle position, I don't think you will get that much caller from that early position.

    As for post flop, looking at your stack that was check/shove situation. a 750 raise certainly won't scare away the drawer, they might even shove to try pushing you out of the pot instead. If it was me, with such a scary board, 4 way pot, the likeliness of someone hitting the flop hard, I would have checked. I would then shoved the turn if no one else raises and if the turn is blank. Definitely fold to a shove or if someone raises and someone else called or re-raised behind me. If someone raises light and everyone else folded, I will shove/fold depending on my read on the villain.

    That's how I would play the hand at least... Can someone also comment whether my actions would have been good or bad?
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      shove pre flop with your stack and limper in front of you


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        shove pre flop with your stack and limper in front of you
        Shove?? His stack is 6k, standard raise from there is 1000~1250, wouldn't shipping the whole stack be an overkill?


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          I think limper calls shove in 60% at least, limper's stack is effective stack so his 6k dosn't have a lot of meanings. without limper it's raise of course. but there's no a lot of post flop with 6k anyway and look at pot what will happen after such a huge raise if someone calls and I don't like multi way pots a lot
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            I agree with shoving to isolate the limper who only has 6 BBs.


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              Hi Killeraxa89,

              You definately don't want to make your raise any smaller here. 750 would be the absolute smallest I would make it.

              My standard raise at this point in tourney would probably be 2.2 should adding one for the limper would be 3.2 or 800. 750 is ok too I think.

              I don't think I would shove preflop. Our hand is definately strong enough to get it allin preflop, so we don't need to worry about maximising fold equity. Although they are shorter stacks at the table they are still some larger ones still to act with one of them having us covered so we are still truely playing a 26BB stack.

              I think just unfortunate to get 3 callers. And this flop is horrible on a 4 way flop. I would just check this flop. The bet you have made is waaaay too small, this is a very draw heavy flop and you're giving far too good of a price to continue. You can't really shove either, cause you'll only really get called by better or someone with very good equity against you.

              I prefer checking this flop and calling a shove from player 4, as I think a shove after 3 checks will be a semi-bluff more than the nuts. Once player 6 gets involved too however I think it's too likely that one of them has a hand and I would now fold.

              If the flop checked around as lolipedofin mentioned we could bet the turn if the turn card was a blank as more the draws have their equity halved with only 1 card to come.


              Quad Bracelet Winner


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                Excellent feedback thanks guys. I ended my BR on a positive for the night



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