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HU play at final table

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  • HU play at final table

    Hey guys, just wanted to pick ya brains about 'heads up' final table play.

    Yesterday I made 2 FT's, won the $4.50 180man SnG and came 2nd in the regional final of the 'Marbella freeroll' (only first gets paid a $110 ticket)

    Anyway, of course looking at the above things don't look to bad but in reality I got lucky on the 180man and messed up the Freeroll.

    The hand that basically won me the 180man was - I shoved K-10o and hit my 10 on the turn and put the guy all but out, when he was holding A-Ks. I felt quite bad to be honest and afterwards was looking at my play and can't figure out whether I was right or wrong to shove?

    My reasons for shoving - He kept 3betting me when I open raised, probs a good 50% of the time. If I called the 3bet he would put a large flop bet in and I would fold, so I thought he was just taking advantage. I had tried the shove earlier, whilst holding A-Qs and he folded, so was expecting the same result.

    Anyway, I'm going to look for some vids, articles etc but if people could help me out on a couple of things in the meantime, I would be grateful... (I know some or all may be opponent dependent but if you could generalise, that would be cool)

    1 - Is it standard play to 3bet a high % in HU, FT play?
    2 - What sort of range should I be shoving for value?
    3 - What sort of range is good to shove as a semi bluff?
    4 - Is it standard to regularly float flops/turns with overcards?
    5 - Is it standard to call down with mid pr?

    I really don't have too much final table experience but if there is a downfall in my play when I get there - it is HU, so would really appreciate any suggestions, thanks.

    Oh - didn't mention my freeroll mess up as it is too painful, but in basic terms I had, about, a 3-1 stack size advantage and spewed it in my excitement...
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    Hey riveredme1!

    I try to follow Andre's system. Since I've switched to it, it's done wonders for my HU game. I'm playing about 80% IN position (always raising 3X) and 20% out of position.

    On the flop, I want to be in position, unless I have a premium hand, and if so and the opp checks the flop, then the overwhelming majority of the time, I'm betting 1/2 pot.

    Always 3X pre, always 1/2 pot post-flop. Standard bets make it so the opp has no clue whether you've got the nuts or it's a simple c-bet that missed.

    Here is a link to a video you need to watch. The video was for HU SNG's, but absolutely 100% applies to HU in MTT's too.

    It worked good enough that I've won 4 of my last 5 HU situations at the end of large mtt's online (one vs a pro and I got them in way, way ahead in the loss) and won my last live HU situation, which is getting me into the WSOP bounty game in 3 weeks.

    John (JWK24)

    P.S. If you use Andre's system, you'll end up value-owning the players that want to be shove monkeys, which is the majority of mtt players in the endgame, as they have no clue how to adjust their game to a HU situation.

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      That's exactly the sort of advice I was after JWK, thanks, it will be a massive help I'm sure... umbup: Got a feeling that, at this time, I am one of them shove monkeys you're talking about in HU I really am clueless when it comes to playing HU...


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        I too suffer from shakey heads up play! Will definitely be checking out Andre's system, cheers JWK24


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          All your questions are very much stack size as well as opponent dependent, so hard to generalise I'm afraid.
          **deleted link that is against the TOS JWK24**
          Am sure that andre vid will be great help and give anyone an edge versus random MTT villain who doesnt give HU the thought it deserves.

          Other thoughts... I and majority will open button for minraise, so at least consider it versus 3x.
          If we are not too short then I will see how opponent reacts to 3 bets, donk bets etc. I am looking for something I can exploit.
          The edges HU are small, can't expect to win em all, but any edge gained is important.
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