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Sunday storm shove situation

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  • Sunday storm shove situation

    Hi folks! In the money in the storm, short stacked, and with a decent hand, blinds about to go up. The player to my right was kinda new to the table but still loose. The first limper was a pretty bad player who seemed to lack understanding of push/fold poker and stack sizes. I didn't really care about the second limper because given the reads I had on him, he would fold to any shove or raise and probably limped behind with something like suited connectors. I figured I could shove here because I had 13bb, the pot was likely to be a 3-way pot and if called I'll be up against AK/AQ or underpairs very often. I also figured that if both of them had an ace or a king I have even more equity in the pot. I still think it was a decent spot to get it in but I'm not very sure. Should I have waited for another spot to get use of what little fold equity I might have (had none in this hand obviously) or is the risk/reward ratio worth it here? Cheers! .....

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    It's instant fold for me You have no fold equity against raiser , you have no fold equity even against short stack , that limped from UTG. even against very loose hand range that might be played that way, JTs is at the bottom. In this situation it's clear fold to me.


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      Agree with 7-77, a re-raise from the button with already 2 limpers behind and blinds still to act, he certainly had something, nothing less than pocket seven. With 13 bb, and seeing your stack, I assume this is already pretty deep, I would have waited for a better spot, even with Storm's fast structure (it's a bit fast, right?)

      For me personally, In regular structure, I wouldn't ship JTs until I am at least 8bb or less, and that with no raiser behind and assuming the pot will be at worst 3 handed.


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        Looking back at the hand, I actually agree with folding. The reasons being, like you said, we're already pretty deep in the tournament and even if the blinds go up and I'm down to 8bb, that's still enough to chip up if I get it in good, counting hand and (smallish) fold equity. Now I think this shove is actually really bad. My thought process was something along the lines of "I'm already in the money, I want to get a big stack so I can reach the top spots, get it in 3way even if I'm up against overcards and/or a pair, because if I blind down to 6-8bb, a double up won't do much anyways". I'm still kinda new to MTTs and even if I have pretty sweet results, I often do something stupid like this to bust when I could have run much deeper.



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          It's not about running deeper It's about making +EV decisions. That's all. This hand is -EV.


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            Hi Fesk,

            I too agree this is a fold. If the button hadn't raised I think we have a good case for shoving over the 2 limpers given the reads you have on them, but this relatively unknown button has 4x'd over 2 EP limpers with a reshove stack (yours) in the blinds... I would expect him to be pretty strong here, and because of the sizing and our stack we have no fold equity, so we are basically just getting it in with the worst hand hoping to get lucky. IF it were a 4 way pot perhaps we could consider more gambling here for a huge stack, but we don't know if that will even happen as based on the reads there's some reasonable chance both limpers will fold... if we thought we had fold equity shoving against those 2 shoving initially, certainly a shove over a 4x raise looks that much stronger.
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