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0.25c, 45-man SnG, Correct fold with QQ preflop

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  • 0.25c, 45-man SnG, Correct fold with QQ preflop

    Is this a correct fold? We are on the final and the play has been fairly TaG from the whole table. Unfortunately I have no stats because my HuD was not working.

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    Hi EmotiveKiwi,

    Stats would be good in a spot like this I think.

    We are good against Villain 5. This guy never has AA or KK, they would never shove 20BBs, they would want to ensure action from Villain 2, this leaves AQ, AK or smaller pairs I think.

    Villain 7's range is a little stronger since they are calling allin. But they do only have 10BB so I think AQ+ & 99+ is reasonable , we play fine vs this range and can still win the side pot vs Villain 5.

    We can play for 20BBs vs either of these two guys without damaging our position in SnG too much so I'd go for it.

    That only leaves Villain 2. This guy has opened UTG so has a stronger range. But it's still only a raise not a 3bet etc. If we were to go allin it would look very strong we should get alot of folds. If we flat call there would be 16k chips in the middle and very sick spot if A or K comes on the flop. So I would shove and expect Villain 2 to fold the majority of the time.

    Only time I would fold is if Villain 2 is really tight and alot of his range will be allin preflop. And this would be more for tournament life preservation rather than not being a good +EV spot.


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      Thanks Andy,

      I did go on to win this SnG but this spot i wasn't sure about. The UTG raiser was fairly tight and there wasn't alot of UTG raises at the table in general without a solid hand. I wasn't worried too much about villain 5 who was the LaG end of TaG and is a regular PSOer. I put villain 7 on AQs+.

      I was concerned about maintaining my tournament stack and wasn't sure how well QQ would play in a potential 4-way pot.
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