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9-man 1,50$ SnG small pocket pairs

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  • 9-man 1,50$ SnG small pocket pairs

    Hey, before I start off with the actual hand I know most of you are not that keen on raising utg with small pocket pair. But from experience I know that in these SnG's small pocket pair can do very well because people are willing to get the money in with any overpairs or top pairs on the flop. So now the actual hand, I had pocket 6 UTG and made a small raise (this is one of the first hands this SnG)a few seats later this guy makes a very weak 3-bet with 1 caller (have no stats or reads on any of the 2 villains), at this moment I have to put 70 more in into a 350 pot. If I would miss the flop I would just simply fold it without having any big losses. The flop comes and there is a 6 with it, well the rest of the hand is some pretty standard play where it was most likely villain had AA or KK. But now I am wondering what others their oppinions are on small pocket pairs this early in SnG's. (it was a turbo btw) Well I ended up doubling up+ a bit, which is a great matter in these turbo SnG's.

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    Hi taomage,

    I think opening small pairs UTG is fine here. We are nice and deep at the moment so implied odds are good. And by opening for a raise we can still win the hand with a CBet when we miss.

    I agree the 3Bet is easily small enough to be giving us very good immediate odds and great implied odds.

    I think you've played the hand well.


    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      Thnx Andy, just wanna make sure I play these hands in the right way. Since I play small pocket pair alot in early stages of SnG's and MTT's.



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