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How would you play AQs close to the bubble vs Nit

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  • How would you play AQs close to the bubble vs Nit

    i have 43 hands on Villain 3 who is a nit 5/5 and a preflop 3 bet percentage 0 % before the hand (0 out of 14). I was behind for sure after preflop and flop actions but would you play this differently preflop ? Would you gamble(shove) close to the bubble against a nit? because my target is not to mincash but to win this one it was a 45 SNG and a hand which can put you in chip lead.

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    you are behind to his hand range. it's sng and with your stack you will find better spots. You will see AK at least from guy with his stack. Fold preflop is better decision and fold on the flop 100% .


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      Hi s3n_dan,

      I think this is a fold preflop. If you aren't going to go with top pair top kicker when your stack to pot ratio is almost 1 on the flop then you should defintely fold preflop.

      It may seem like AQs is too strong to fold preflop. But the initial raiser is UTG and the 3bet comes from a tight player over that raise. Add to that the bloated pot we are looking at and being out of position. These all add significant reasons to consider folding preflop.


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        Thankx Andy and Shichi for feedback,

        I admit calling was wrong ...eventually i got to the final table in this tournament (but never won one ) and it seems like i'm doing something wrong maybe i have to take chances/gamble more in the late stage/or close to the bubble



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          If I may chipped in late, the action came to you with 2 raises behind you. A nit made a 3 bet and you had a dead read on him. I think I would have folded, just like what previous poster said. I think you made the call hoping to hit the flop hard, nut flush, or at least flush draw, which you would've got had you shove or call all the way. But then that's just dumb luck....

          It's not good to be too nitty at mtt when approaching the bubble, but doesn't mean you then turn into a maniac...


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            I agree with folding pre all the way. AQs looks like a really pretty hand, but it shrivels up to garbage fast here when facing an UTG raise and small 3b by a super tight nit. The nits range at least destroys us, if not both his and the UTG's ranges. Calling is not attractive as per the prior posts, and cold 4-betting is also yuck as I don't really want to stack off 28bb's vs. QQ+ and AK when holding AQs. That leaves folding.
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