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360man, 60 buy-ins down

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  • 360man, 60 buy-ins down

    sorry for posting so many hands. im not asking to analyze them, but my play in general. all hands are from 360man turbos, and far from the bubble i dropped down to these so i could practice my MTT play. i started really well having 2 final tables in the first 8 games but now i havent even cashed in 60 games! my strategy is simple: tight early on waiting for good spots and premium hands and then, loosen up when antes kick in i swear to God, this keeps happenning all the time... im never going to play AQ again thinking of putting the limper all in, but... watch previous hand needed chips... BTN was sitting out... and i cant even count how many times my big pairs have cracked by crap hands like 84o, T2s etc.(got it in preflop) i know that these hands arent enough to analyze someone's whole play, but do you have any advice on how to play these? i have watched all the videos in the archive and follow the same strategy...but im not so sure any more that this is the correct aprroach! i have also noticed that the players that take these down are the ones who make crazy calls like calling 3bet shoves with K6o or open shoves with T8o etc. im not saying to go that crazy, but their strategy makes sense... build a big stack early on or bust out! any thoughts?

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    Hi Espada_Nu.4! The hand that sticks out for me is the 2nd one (AQo). For me, this is WAY too many BB to be shoving preflop. A 10-15BB shove with it's fine, but shoving 24BB is only going to get me value-owned (fold out all worse hands and get called by only hands better than mine). The KJs hand for me is an instant fold... don't be results oriented, as you made the best deciaion! K6o, I'm shoving it against TIGHT blinds, but someone willing to call loose, I'll look for a better spot. Streaks like this are why to follow good bankroll management, a player needs 100 buy-ins. I play more 45's and 90's and even in the 45's I've had multiple streaks of 20+ or 30+ in a row without cashing... it'll only be worse in games with more players and yet even worse in turbos (which is why I try to avoid turbos whenever I can). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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