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is his call right there?

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  • is his call right there?

    I know he had 11 outs there but in the same time i good hit a set or a have an over pait which gives him just 8 outs no to talk about two 10 10 which reduce it to 6 outs

    please answer

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    Hi Oren131 umbup: Villain was getting the correct price to call your all in post flop Vilain has to call 63980 into a pot that will be 209335 (30.6%). Their open ended straight draw has 8 outs * 4% per out since they see both streets is worth 32%. hand's worth more.. so it's a call. The problem here is how we played pre flop imo. Do we have any reads on this guy? Does he have a high 3bet %? It's a very unusual play for player 9 to make, when he 3bets your early position raise from the small blind then he is representing a very strong hand, especially when he raises to 3x the size of your bet (18k). I would fold here maybe 80% of the time depending on the player type. Most villains are not doing this as a bluff so folding preflop is fine. If he 3bet a bit smaller, say to 15k then I don't mind calling to set mine but when we call this big 3bet the pot to stack size ratio isn't very high so we can find ourselves being tempted to stack off on boards that are good for our hand which we must remember isn't a great thing to do seeing as villain is repping such a strong hand. As played I think shoving the flop is fine. Wen villain bets the turn there is over 60k in the pot and we have just 80k behind so I like the shove. I think folding preflop is best unless you're facing an opponent that is really getting out of line because you will be flipping at best 9 times out of 10. Cheers, Chris.



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