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League Qualifier KK

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  • League Qualifier KK

    I would call it in a standard MTT, I don't understand this stupid donks 70 entries 31 left . my target is to get into 21. that's why I folded, but board wasn't wet, an A shouldn't protect his value , I think there's Jx Tx or bluff, because of his stack size.
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    With only 10 BB, extremely short stacked, I will push all-in pre flop with a hand like that.


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      what about his game? Which hand do you think he represents ? It's very important to me to know as much as possible for a league games. Would like to see JWK's comment .
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        Well if you havent had any more information on your opponent then this is almost impossible to be sure what he could have. He could have Ax but he coud also have medium pair with the gutshot KJ or QJ.

        Imo you should have just shoved it with your stack size, although you could scare weaker hand off. Another way to play it is to say to yourself: I am gonna raise it but no matter if the A come on the flop I am going all the way with my kings. This way you can make the raise and have more chance for a caller but never fold it and get the chips in anyway.

        But without reads its hard to say, fold is ok but shoving it wouldnt be bad play since his range is big enough to win it most of the time.

        Hope this helps you


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          Hi Shichi-77! This is a great hand where the league strategy is totally different than a standard tournament. If this were a standard MTT, I'm open-shoving KK here all day long. Wouldn't even think twice about it. However, this is a league game and at this blind level, I'm NOT ITM. Due to this, I need to play much, much more cautiously, as I need to survive as long as possible in order to obtain as many league points as I possibly can, as the real goal is to get into the premier league for next month. With KK here, I'm going to make a standard opening raise, which for me at this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. I will therefore raise to 500 (2.5BB). I get just about as bad of a flop as I can get, an A and a possible made straight. I now have the opp make basically a 1/2 pot bet, which is a bet that will price out anyone trying to draw. With a large number of players that will play Ax, especially from the blinds, while I hate to muck a premium hand like KK, I absolutely need to muck here in a league game. I cannot risk taking a chance and need to save my chips to last longer and accumulate more league points. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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              I think you have played this fine in the context of a PSO League Game, pretty much taking the line JWK advocates by being more cautious and getting away when the Ace comes on a pretty bad flop for us.

              However - it might be more complicated

              Looking at your current position in the league, you could consider playing more standard and just shoving. There is a lot of value in the individual tournaments and you don't want to jeopardise the chance to take down a tournament cash just to protect your league points. You are (as I write) showing as 62nd in the Qualifier League - having played 29 tourneys. That is a great position.

              I would be prepared to play this tourney and a hand like this as I would a standard MTT, looking for a deep run for tournament cash and big points. After all - I paid $1.10 to get in here. I would risk busting and losing some points here with a week to go to get them back. The Qualifier League is like a satellite - the top 200 with 20+VPPs all win the same prize - a ticket - and your current position of 62nd looks solid enough to take a risk in this game with a premium hand, when more than half the field has already bust.

              If I entered this tourney I would not be aiming just to survive for the 20-25th spots here, to minimise my potential points loss - though I would be cautious in the first half of the tourney. Having got down to 31 of 74 I would be looking to get the 1st to 12th ITM spots. So I would risk losing a few league points for the potential to win up to $20 from this tournament AND get a big points boost. If you bust you can reevaluate your approach in the next tourney. If you win this hand and run deep to get ITM you make a profit and get positive points.

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