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BBs v M

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  • BBs v M

    im a big fan of M (which measures your stack relative to an unopened pot) as opposed to simple big blinds

    main reason is that big blinds alone will not factor in important variables such as whether there is ante, how big the ante is relative to blinds, and how many players there are


    you have 1000 chips

    A. blinds 50/100 no ante 6 players
    B. blinds 50/100 20 ante 10 players

    in both examples you have 10 big blinds
    but in example A the pot is 150 so your M is 1000/150 = 6.67
    in example B the pot is 150+200 from antes = 350, your M is 1000/350 = 2.85

    so you can see that on table B you are in much worse shape than on table A, but a BB system would not differentiate between the two tables

    what's your opinion on the subject everyone

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    Agreed,once the antes are out M is the way to go.

    I think the simplest way to apply M and what it means for one's stack versus the blinds and antes is this: When you calculate M what it's telling you is how many orbits you have left at the current blind/ante level before you blind out.

    Look at your example: 10 players on the table,BB-100,SB-50,antes 20x10=200...therefore every orbit of the table we're losing 350 chips,so in 2 orbits we'll have lost 700 and before a third orbit is quite completed we'll blind out.

    Were one to just calculate the BB they would think they're maybe a bit deeper,or more to the point in less dire straits than they really are. M shines that light better I think.

    When M comes into play and I'm short I like to get my mindset properly focused by thinking of the quote by a true American treasure,Yogi Berra..."It gets late early here".


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      I think in terms of M and Q as well. If my Q drops below 0.5 I switch to push/fold no matter what my M or bb says. However, many of your opps are thinking in terms of bb. So, sometimes it is worth keeping all three thoughts in your head.

      One risk of using bbs rather than M is is when you are getting very short stacked. I feel M gives a more accurate indication of fold equity. Just looking at your bbs might lead you to overestimate you FE and be waiting too long before pulling the trigger.

      (Anyone not familiar with the terms M and Q. All this is laid out in the classic Harrington on Holdem. Q is the average stack size.)

      GL in Vegas!

      Roland GTX


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        I agree with you too. At the beginning of the tourney, when everyone's got a stack, I'll look at it by BB's. However, once the antes are in and especially when everyone starts to get shorter, I'm looking at M.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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