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The Hot $2.20 MTT-Early Deep Stack Play Against Loose Villians

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  • The Hot $2.20 MTT-Early Deep Stack Play Against Loose Villians

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi everyone, Was playing in this tournament and wanted ask everyone what their thoughts are in a spot like this early in the tourney. I didnt really have much info on the 3betting/shoving villian here,all of 8 hands with stats of 50/25 3bet%33. i've just been analysing my deeper stacked play early in these tourneys because i've found it a little tough at times because i've found the players ranges in these micro tourneys to be incredibly wide even when stacking off around 70-100bbs deep early on especially. Anyway when the action got back to me after i was 3bet i felt like i had 2 choices, flat call the very small 3bet and set mine with villians behind most certainly calling or 4betting for value. As you can see i chose the latter would you agree with this 4bet? The villian on my direct left then shoves 52bbs and the original 3better shoves for over 100bbs,now is this an auto fold? Thanks alot everyone!!
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    Hi Nashy1996 umbup: If villain 6 was to make a standard sized 3bet then I would like to call most of the time to set mine because the players behind me are also likely to call which means we can win a huge pot if we trip up. When villain 6 clicks the min reraise button then we have 2 options which are to call or to 4bet and I think 4betting is best if we have seen villain make these min click back raises before without big pig pairs/AK. On the flip side, if we have spotted villain raising a similar amount with these hands then I will proceed with caution. From personal experience I feel like these min click back 3 bets tend to be weaker hands than we give them credit for. They can indeed be the big pair/AK hands from time to time but more often than not it's a hand like A10s/KJs. For this reason I feel that I would 4bet our hand about 70% of the time and just call 30% of the time. As played I'm folding to villain 6's reshove. I would insta call player 3's shove if villain 6 folded because villain has half of the average chip stack therefore will show up with small pairs a ton of the time. Cheers, Chris.



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