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Scoop 29 L 99 in BB

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  • Scoop 29 L 99 in BB

    This is Scoop event 29 L , the original raiser is raising my blinds whenever he is first to act when I am in big blind, the player who shoves is stealing when they are first to act but have not seen them shove yet. We have cashed, what range would I need to call here ? Thanks

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    What are there stats? With out any , hand range of first raiser looks like 20-25% of hands, but villains 3bet looks like 99+, AJs, I would shove JJ+,AKs. And I shove with 99+ if my stack is 10-12 BB.
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      Hi Rex,

      I agree that stats on V4 would be helpful. I would only reshove if he were a loose-aggressive player, or an aggressive 3-bettor. Given that you have not seen him shove yet, I'd assume this is not light. Also given that he's ripping in 23bbs, he's probably not light as most non-pros aren't capable of this play with 23bb's unless they're very aggressive in general, but the lack of shoves to this point (and it sounds like he's had plenty of chances to shove over V1 who has been opening all the time when you're in the blinds and thus when V4 is in the CO or BUT), it's pretty safe to assume he's got a legit big hand here.

      I don't want to take 99 up against a range of TT+ and AK for 2/3rds of my stack, and the added thread of V1 actually having a big hand this time is still possible, so I would fold here personally.

      As to what range, if we assume a tight shove range of TT+ and AK, then actually I would only reshove QQ+ here as everything else doesn't play well vs. this range (JJ and AK are dogs to this range). If we can establish a wider range for V4 then we can open it up more.
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        Thanks for the replies, I have not got a stat tracker, I know this thinking is result oriented the shove was K3o and the original raiser called with pocket eights.

        I folded.
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          lol, anyway you played right



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